The company & culture

A company is only forward-looking when it has a team that goes to work every day with the same mentality and motivation. It is only if we work as a team that we can guarantee every customer is a happy customer!

The company

Every day, My Jewellery inspires hundreds of thousands fashion lovers with the latest trends in jewellery, accessories and clothing through both online (website and social media) and offline (boutiques) channels. The luxury brand experience, competitive prices, rapidly evolving collections & high-quality items have ensured an enduring growth in popularity & a loyal fan base.

Playful & original marketing campaigns, as well as product and business innovations are at the forefront of every decision we make. This is how we create a whole new approach to the world of e-commerce, retail & fashion.

The culture

My Jewellery consists of the head office,  warehouse & 15 boutiques, each with their own dynamics and character. Yet it is the singular culture that prevails and unites us. To the outside world, we mainly exude femininity, but internally our team is made up of a very diverse group of committed employees. As of the last count, we have more than 300 passionate employees working on growing My Jewellery every day, step by step, organically & with a large dollop of down-to-earthness.

My Jewellery is a spirited organisation in which everyone takes pride. We are team players and always look for new challenges. Our strength lies in rapid gear changes! The resolute, helpful, no-nonsense mentality is present every day. We think in terms of solutions and nothing stands in our way. After all, our corporate culture is all about cooperation, so everyone involved is equally important and contributes in their own way. This is the place where you can be yourself, where you can develop and grow. Where, in addition to the main business goal of being strong in our business & offering a leading range of products and services, we have an even greater goal: preserving our wonderful culture. With this attitude we will conquer the world!

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