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  1. Black shoulder bag with two layers - gold coloured hardware
    Black shoulder bag with two layers - gold coloured hardware

The cutest handbags by My Jewellery

Bags are a vital part of every woman’s daily life nowadays. Wherever you go, all your stuff has to go with you in a nice bag. A shoulder bag or a waist bag is really nice, but with a handbag you know for sure you’ve got it right. Choose from all kinds of types, sizes, prints and colours for your perfect match. After all, your outfit is only complete with a woman's handbag. The My Jewellery bag collection is constantly growing, which makes it even more fun to shop your style. Let's be honest, can you really do without a handbag? We certainly can't, which makes women´s handbags a real must-have in your wardrobe! The best handbags can be found at My Jewellery, so check out the website or drop by one of our boutiques. Remember to keep a close eye on the website because we add new handbags all the time. Don't miss out and check out all our trendy handbags.

A handbag for any occasion

A day out, a short visit, or just a popping out for a bit, handbags always come in handy every day and for every occasion. My Jewellery's handbags come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colours. We have a large handbag for your laptop for when you go to school or the office. A large bag is handy because you can carry everything you need. Pick a small handbag that’s just for your essentials when you go out! Very handy! This way you don't have to leave the house like a pack mule and your things are always safe. Take your wicker handbag with you when you hit the beach, or go for the shopper when you go away for the weekend, it's all up to you! A handbag is not only a handy accessory, it looks nice too! Find the handbag that suits you best in the My Jewellery collection.

How to wear your handbag?

My Jewellery gives you the full picture for the best outfits and that includes handbags too. A handbag is an essential item in your wardrobe because you can put everything in it and it’s easy to take all your stuff with you. Just think of your purses, keys, and make-up. Besides the fact that a handbag comes in extremely handy, it’s also nice if your handbag looks good and matches your outfit. If you have a basic outfit it is nice to brighten it up by carrying a brightly coloured printed handbag. If you have a coat with multiple colours, or a dress with a print, then choose a plain handbag in your favourite colour. Make sure you have multiple handbags in your collection so that you can choose a suitable bag for every outfit! 

Other bags in our range

Found your favourite handbag yet? Or are you still looking for a different type of bag? Besides handbags, you can buy many other types of bags at My Jewellery. For example, shoulder bags and waist bags. Nothing is ever over the top for My Jewellery and that’s why we always follow the latest trends closely, so we can offer you the most beautiful handbags. Are you looking for other cute accessories to style with your outfit? Then be sure to check out the jewellery from My Jewellery. Alternatively, style your handbag with My Jewellery’s most beautiful purses. Found a nice bag, but would rather see it for real first? Then drop by one of our My Jewellery boutiques and shop for your trendy handbag!