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The ultimate accessory trend right not: the beret

We hear you thinking: a beret?! A French hat is only worn by people who have a baguette in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, right? No! Berets for women are a huge fashion trend right now. Berets are perfect for when the weather isn't great, but also ideal for those bad hair days. Perhaps you want to skip washing your hair for another day? No problem! A French hat will cover up your hair and have you looking insanely fashionable. We’ve seen berets on the catwalks during Fashion Week, but now we’re taking it to the streets! This accessory is the perfect way to complete your outfit. You can wear a French hat various different ways. Wear it straight and centre or for a Parisian look, tilt it to one side. There are no excuses not to wear a beret! They suit everyone, regardless of the shape of your face. We absolutely adore this trend and would like to thank the fashionable Parisians for this look!

Shop a French hat at My Jewellery!

We have been spotting berets on all the catwalks, among fashion bloggers, as part of street style and on social media. It’s time you took the bull by the horns and got yourself a French beret as well! Are you convinced and would like to get your hands on one of these beauties? My Jewellery has various, trendy berets in our assortment specially for you. How do you feel about nude coloured accessories? These berets in soft colours are ideal for you! For those of you that simply adore autumnal colours, we have berets in burgundy, ochre and dark green. Would you like to style your beret with just about anything? A beige beret will style beautifully with just about any outfit and have you looking like a fashionable Parisian. A beret can turn your look into a classic and feminine outfit, but styled with a leather jacket and red lipstick it can make your look edgy and cool. All in all, a French beret can work with any style you like. All you need to do is pick out your favourite colour. Go get yourself a beret now!

How do you style a beret?

You’re probably asking yourself, how do you style a beret. The answer is actually quite simple because a beret genuinely looks stunning with anything! The wonderful thing about a French beret is that this accessory will upgrade any look. Just picture it: a pair of fitted jeans styled with a black turtleneck and a black blazer. Now top that classy look off with a beret and all of a sudden you have instant style! Bright coloured French berets also look great matched with your outfit. How about an autumnal coloured French beret styled with a trench coat and you’re ready to hit the streets in style. Are you ready for a new winter look? Wear your winter coat with a French beret instead of a regular knitted hat. Warmth and style, rolled into one! You can easily combine your French beret. Add a beret to your favourite looks and you’ll steal the show! Interested in other hats? Be sure to browse our beautiful selection of hats & caps.

A French beret as an everyday accessory

Do you want to stroll the streets wearing a beret every day? You can! A French beret is easily styled as an everyday accessory that works with any outfit. You don't need to be wandering the streets of Paris just to look and feel like a Parisian. Wear your French beret with your everyday outfits and feel stylish whenever you want. A beret is a feminine, chic and trendy item perfect for any My Jewellery outfit. Just imagine, a summery day and you’re wearing a beautiful, floral dress. This outfit would look stunning with a beret added to the mix. Or a winters day wearing a long, winter coat. Wear it to work or school. You can even wear it with a trouser suit for a classy look. Stop in to your favourite cafe and grab yourself a coffee to go. Feel Parisian yet? We do! To complete your look, add a shoulder bag and your favourite jewellery. How about some chic drop earrings in silver or gold to have you looking your ultimate best.