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  1. Pink water bottle
    Pink water bottle
    Pink water bottle
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    Pink water bottle is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  2. Sticker sheet with initials | My Jewellery
    Sticker sheet with initials
    Sticker sheet with initials
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Stay hydrated with the My Jewellery thermosflasks

Did you know that you should drink at least 2 litres of water every day? How handy is it to have this thermosflask on the go so you can keep hydrated?! A mere 15% of people actually drink enough water every day. That’s why My Jewellery wants to help you maintain hydration with its handy thermosflasks. The My Jewellery thermosflasks are enormously trendy with great designs and colours. Take the thermosflask with you when you’re out and about or on the road so that you’ll always have some water when you need it. Carrying around a thermosflask throughout the day will automatically make you drink more water. Which trendy colour will you be going for?

Thermosflasks for cold or warm drinks

My Jewellery thermosflasks are not only gorgeous to have, but they are also multifunctional. It will keep your cold drinks cold and your warm drinks warm. You can always have your coffee or tea nice and warm while on the go. Ideal for those colder days. If you have an office job that has you tied to your desk all day, our thermosflask can serve as a tea pot for the day. Fill the thermosflask with hot water and enjoy some hot tea for several hours. This also helps you reach the daily 2 litre mark and will save you from walking back and forth to the kitchenette to make cups of tea. This might even save you enough time at the end of the day to then take a look online at the new collections of clothing and jewellery on the My Jewellery website.

Thermosflasks in trendy colours

My Jewellery thermosflasks are completely on-trend thanks to the wonderful colours. Shop the bottle in lilac, pink or black. The lilac version is cute mixed and matched with other lilac accessories. Match the lilac drink bottle when you’re on the road with a lilac scarf and hat. Will you be using it at your desk? Then it would look great styled with a beautiful vase and some purple dried flowers on your desk. You can apply the same tips to the pink version. Have you also seen the pink diary and the pink notebook? They look absolutely gorgeous together. Prefer a more eclectic look? Then mix different colours and accessories. How about a classy all-black look matched with the black thermosflask and black accessories? Which look will you be going for?

Personalise your thermosflask

Make it personal! Planning on getting yourself a thermosflask from My Jewellery? Then you should also consider ordering the sticker sheets with initials as well. You can spell out your own name with the cute stickers to make your thermosflask just that little bit more special and personal. You can also use the stickers for your diary, notebook, school belongings, or passport wallet. We love them! The sticker sheets are available in both gold and silver. Your thermosflask; your style!