Valentine's Day 2022 Ideas

14th February, aka, Valentine’s Day 2022! The one day of the year when love is all around & you get to unapologetically show off all the PDA you want! Whether you’re happily coupled up or not, it doesn’t matter, because Valentine’s Day has become a day for everyone, with love at the centre of it all. Use our tips & tricks to turn this Valentine’s into an unforgettable day, keep reading and celebrate love with My Jewellery!

24 January 2022 | By Victoria Cowan
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Valentine's Day 2022: outfit

Valentine’s Day 2022 is going to be one for the record books, we can feel it! And such an unforgettable day needs the most unforgettable outfit, obvs. The art to the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit is to incorporate the love you feel for your s/o into your outfit! That way you can recreate that ‘love at first sight moment’ all over again. Cliché or not we love us some cheesy romance. 

A good V-day outfit needs 3 things: hearts, red and pink. Such a loving day needs an equally lovely outfit! Make sure your Valentine’s Day 2022 outfit matches the occasion, so you’re not awkwardly under- or over-dressed for your big date! The final flourish? Well, it’s gotta be heart jewellery! Guaranteed to make your look completely Valentine’s appropriate. Now, go get your man!

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Galentine's Day

  1. Cream midi dress with multicoloured floral print
    Cream midi dress with multicoloured floral print
  2. Light blue button down dress
    Light blue button down dress
  3. Multicoloured blue detailed playsuit
    Multicoloured blue detailed playsuit
  4. Cream blouse with multicoloured floral print
    Cream blouse with multicoloured floral print
  5. Multicolour dress with flower print
    Multicolour dress with flower print
  6. Beige bouclé maxi jurk met split| My Jewellery
    Beige bouclé split maxi dress
  7. Multicoloured floral print skort
    Multicoloured floral print skort
  8. Rust button down dress
    Rust button down dress
    Rust button down dress
    As low as €45.99
  9. Multicoloured orange detailed playsuit
    Multicoloured orange detailed playsuit
  10. White pleated skort
    White pleated skort
    White pleated skort
    As low as €39.99
  11. Multicoloured floral print midi wrap dress
    Multicoloured floral print midi wrap dress
  12. White ruffle collar crochet dress
    White ruffle collar crochet dress
  13. Cream skirt with multicoloured floral print
    Cream skirt with multicoloured floral print
  14. Multicoloured orange striped bow detail dress
    Multicoloured orange striped bow detail dress
  15. Black crochet ruffle top
    Black crochet ruffle top
    Black crochet ruffle top
    As low as €29.99

Valentine's Day 2022: Date ideas

These Valentine’s ideas are sure to make your Valentine’s Day 2022 completely unforgettable, but they do require your best efforts! Valentine’s activities are becoming more and more popular, and what could be a better gift than memories that’ll stay with you forever?! We’ve put together a list of our favourite romantic Valentine’s Day 2022 ideas and activities to give you a little jolt in the right direction! So, which romantic V-day date will you go for?

 "Memories to last a lifetime

Valentine's Day date idea #1: breakfast in bed

Why not set the tone for the day, and begin V-day with a beautiful & delicious Valentine’s breakfast in bed! A truly perfect Valentine’s Day move, guaranteed to put your love in a good mood before the day has even started. Pop the bubbles, pour a Mimosa, make some waffles or pancakes and drizzle with lots of Maple syrup and fresh berries for the ultimate breakfast that’s sure to be the key to your s/o’s heart!

Valentine's Day date idea #2: road trip to the city of love

Oui, oui, Paris! What could be better than celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022 in the City of Love? Well, if you ask us, absolutely nothing! Extend the Day of Love by a few days and hop in your car, the train or plane, and make your way towards the Seine. Most places in Europe will get you to Paris within a few hours, so no excuses! We say, take the plunge and head towards the Eiffel Tower and l’amour. Stay in a cute B&B, head into town and discover why it’s called the city of love. A beautiful scenic boat tour down the Seine is the ultimate romantic date, while you’ll experience the ultimate breath-taking kiss under the twinkly lights of the Eiffel Tower by night.

''Oui, Oui, Paris''

Valentine's Day date idea #3" drive thru bioscoop

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date a little closer to home? Head to an old-school drive thru cinema! Live out all of your American teen movie dreams, and experience a fun & unique date at the same time. Bring all of your favourite snacks and get cosy, because this is gonna be fun! We absolutely love this idea!

Valentine's Day date idea #4: trip down memory lane

Let’s get lovey dovey! Let your inner romantic out, and recreate your first date. Allow this Valentine’s Day 2022 date to take you back to the very beginning, when it all started. Go on that moonlit walk, have dinner at the restaurant, or rewatch the first movie you saw together. Trust us, this date is gonna be a huge success!

Valentine's Day date idea #5: dinner by candelight

The perfect way to end Valentine’s Day 2022? It has to be a delicious & romantic candlelit dinner for two. Nothing more romantic than candlelight! Good food + romantic setting = Valentine’s Day 2022 sorted!

Valentine's Day ideas 2022: flowers, chocolate, teddy bears

Surprising your love for Valentine’s Day is as much a tradition as anything else. And classic gifts such as flowers, chocolate and cuddly toy teddies are sure to be as popular this year as any other, but if you’re looking for a slightly more surprising Valentine’s Day gift for her, we have you covered! Alternatively, use our Gift Finder for a fitting gift that’s sure to be the perfect fit for your love. Happily single this Valentine’s Day? Well, ever heard of Galentine’s Day, our new favourite holiday of the year that’s all about celebrating friendships?! This is the ultimate girl’s day, celebrating your favourite gals!

  1. Souvenir oorringen ronde bedel hartje | My Jewellery
    Souvenir round heart charm earrings
  2. Armband dubbel strass hartje | My Jewellery
    Double rhinestone heart bracelet
  3. Ketting met twee strass hartjes | My Jewellery
    Two rhinestone heart necklace
  4. Candy ketting très belle
    Candy très belle necklace
    Candy très belle necklace
    As low as €19.99
  5. Necklace with heart and circle charms | My Jewellery
    Necklace with heart and circle charms
  6. Vintage paarse ringen display | My Jewellery
    Vintage purple ring display
  7. Love life armband
    Love life bracelet
    Love life bracelet
    As low as €39.99
  8. Vintage lichtblauwe ringen display | My Jewellery
    Light blue vintage ring display
  9. Ring met cirkel & initial | My Jewellery
    Initial ring with circle
    Initial ring with circle
    As low as €29.99
  10. Dubbele schakelarmband met slotje |My Jewellery
    Double chain bracelet with lock
  11. Signet ring with a black heart
    Signet ring with a black heart
  12. Shapes schakelketting met hartje
    Shapes chain necklace with heart
  13. Ring met gegraveerde hartjes
    Ring with engraved hearts
    Ring with engraved hearts
    As low as €14.99
  14. Vintage gele ringen display | My Jewellery
    Yellow vintage ring display
  15. Ring 3 hartjes | My Jewellery
    Ring with 3 little hearts
    Ring with 3 little hearts
    As low as €12.95

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