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By Victoria Cowan, 1 December 2021

We have a long-standing love affair with vintage jewellery, from necklaces to rings and bracelets we love it all! Despite being an age-old trend, it continues to make a comeback every year. Let us take you along on the journey through all the current vintage trends, the dos & don’ts of wearing it and some fun facts about vintage jewellery! Read on quick!

Why ‘vintage’?

Jewellery is officially considered to be vintage when it’s old and has been passed down from generation to generation. For instance, that super unique necklace your grandma gave you on your eighteenth birthday. We love how these pieces often have a slightly weathered and worn look and have their own completely unique story. So special! 

Most vintage jewellery that’s available online was inspired by traditional vintage jewellery, but isn’t actually ‘real’ vintage (though that doesn’t make them any less beautiful!) Think of beaded earrings, gemstones and charms, chain bracelets, statement gold earrings, and of course: large hooped earrings.

Current trend: jewellery with beads & pearls

Vintage jewellery has become a timeless trend, which is why My Jewellery will always have a large selection of vintage jewellery. However, we do have a few absolute favourite pieces that we’d like to highlight. Beaded jewellery & pearl jewellery is totally hot! And the great thing about the vintage pieces we’re going to be highlighting is that they’re beaded with cute and subtle colours, which makes them perfect for mixing and matching with other pieces.

How to wear vintage jewellery

The question remains though, how are you supposed to wear jewellery with an ‘old’ look? Well, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Vintage earrings are great when paired together to create an on-trend ear party! If you have multiple piercings in your ear, have some fun with your colour combinations, jewellery is all about having fun after all! One tip though: when it comes to matching different coloured earrings, try to stick to the same colour tones, so match cool with cool and warm with warm etc. Do you want to add a necklace to the party as well? In that case, choose a subtle vintage charm necklace, so as not to detract from your ear party. Fallen in love with a chunky vintage chain necklace? Keep your ear party slightly more toned down, so it doesn’t turn into a vintage-overload. So there you have it, vintage jewellery is a great little trend that lends itself really well to making it your own! We love vintage!

  1. Vintage ketting met bedel
    Vintage necklace with charm
  2. Vintage statement ring zwart kristal | My Jewellery
    Vintage black crystal statement ring
  3. Vintage zegelring transparante kristal | My Jewellery
    Vintage transparent crystal signet ring
  4. Vintage zegelring | Ringen | My Jewellery
    Vintage signet ring
    Vintage signet ring
    As low as €29.99
  5. Vintage ring rode rechthoek
    Vintage red rectangular ring
  6. Vintage zegelring rode kristal | Ringen | My Jewellery
    Vintage red crystal signet ring
  7. Vintage statement ring groen kristal | My Jewellery
    Vintage green crystal statement ring
  8. Vintage ring kristal
    Vintage ring crystal
    Vintage ring crystal
    As low as €30.00
  9. Vintage statement ring transparant kristal
    Vintage transparent crystal statement ring
  10. Vintage klassieke ring multikleur
    Vintage classic ring multicolor
  11. Vintage transparent rectangular ring
    Vintage transparent rectangular ring
  12. Vintage ring mutikleur
    Vintage ring muticolor
    Vintage ring muticolor
    As low as €30.00

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