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  1. Pink puff sleeved wrap dress
    Pink puff sleeved wrap dress
    Pink puff sleeved wrap dress Pink puff sleeved wrap dress is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
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Puff sleeves: the latest trend

It’s hard to imagine fashion without puff sleeves A.K.A puff sleeves, they truly were everywhere this year. Thankfully they are well and truly back! Puff sleeve clothing had its heyday in the 80s and then disappeared for a while, but now you can’t imagine fashion without puff sleeves. The puff sleeve has completely returned for this season and these lovely puff sleeves are now everywhere, they’re back and bigger than ever. Tops with puff sleeves, puff-shouldered dresses, blouses with puff sleeves, blazers and dresses, nothing is too crazy when it comes to puff sleeves. You’re sure to create your own signature look with puff sleeves. Even if you’d rather play it safe in the outfit stakes, a top with puff sleeves will add a fashionable edge to your look. But remember, you really can’t go too far when it comes to puff sleeves, because they truly are everywhere. Puff sleeves are specially designed to make them look puffed up. Curious to see the My Jewellery puff sleeve items? Check out our online assortment and shop your favourite puff sleeve items!

Trendy clothing with puff sleeves

Puff sleeves can be found in every clothing item. A sweater with puff sleeves adds a little extra shape to your jumper, wear your puff shoulder jumper with a skirt that accentuates your hips and watch as your slim waist is highlighted. Alternatively, wear a puff sleeve sweater with skinny jeans, and style it with a cool belt, and you’re ready to go! Puff sleeve dresses are also completely hot & happening. Your dress with puff sleeves is an instant eye-catcher. So shine all night long in your dress with puff sleeves! A puff sleeve blouse with a square neckline is a perfectly magical outfit choice, ideal for a night on the town! As you can see puff sleeve clothes are perfect for every occasion, and they’re also super comfortable. So take this trend and run with it by shopping all of the puff sleeve items on the My Jewellery website.

Puff sleeves for every figure

Puff sleeves work great for all kinds of shapes and figures. It doesn’t matter if you’re an hourglass, apple or pear shape, every body shines in a puff sleeve outfit! An hourglass figure looks great in a pair of skinny jeans and a puff sleeve top. That way you’ll draw attention away from your legs and more towards your skinny waist. While puff shoulders do tend to add volume, you can always tuck your jumper into your trousers, thereby diverting the eye back to your waist. Are you more of a pear shape? In that case puff sleeves are perfect for you! The puff shoulders will help to spread the volume across your body, as the puff sleeves will accentuate your shoulders and arms, bringing more balance to your shape. An athletic figure tends to be characterised by square and straight shoulders and hips, you won’t have much of a waist or breasts. But that’s where puff sleeves come to the rescue! Puff sleeves will give the appearance of broader shoulders, thereby creating more shape and curves to your figure. An apple shape will also benefit from puff sleeves. And when it comes to puff sleeves always remember they’ll accentuate your waist, and that’s only a good thing!

Puff sleeves for a trendy outfit

Puff sleeves look good on every body shape which is why we’ve put together this handy list of tips. Puff sleeves are nice and comfortable, loose fitting and instantly add a bit of spice to your outfit. If you’re going for a high-end look we recommend styling your puff sleeves with a skirt, minimalist jewellery and pumps. Looking to make jaws drop with your outfit? In that case, style your puff sleeves with statement earrings and a chunky necklace. If you’re looking for a business-chic puff sleeve outfit, then we think a puff sleeve sweater paired with your favourite pants is the perfect outfit for you! Give power to your look with puff sleeves. Puff sleeves add volume to your shoulders which will balance out your figure, so you know you’ll look knock-out in a puff sleeve outfit. Shop your favourite asap!