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  1. Rust puff sleeved wrap dress
    Rust puff sleeved wrap dress
    Rust puff sleeved wrap dress Rust puff sleeved wrap dress is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
    As low as €32.19 Regular Price €45.99
  2. White ribbed puff sleeve dress
    White ribbed puff sleeve dress
    White ribbed puff sleeve dress White ribbed puff sleeve dress  is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99

Dresses that will always remain trendy: red dresses

Red dresses are the perfect clothing item for each and every woman. A red dress is hands down an essential for your wardrobe. Lots of women consider red to be a daring colour, but red dresses are a huge trend and can be styled just as easily as a little black dress. You can have an entire item with just one simple red dress. Still want to add a little some extra to your red dress? Wear it with a cute little belt and finish it off with some jewellery. My Jewellery has a beautiful selection of red dresses. You’ll see a collection of long-sleeved red dresses, short-sleeved red dresses, basic red dresses and red dresses with prints. You can also decide between various shades of red. Go for a darker shade of red if you want to gently ease your way into the trend colour. Or if you’re ready to go all-in, try a bright red dress. Whichever style of red dress you want to go for, My Jewellery is the place to be.

Red dresses for every occasion

Some believe that red dresses should only be worn on romantic dates or at parties. We think this is a myth. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to wear a beautiful red outfit. You can wear red dresses to work, school or even chilling out at home. No excuses! Depending on the occasion, you can style your red dress any way you want. For a more formal look you can style your dress with a blazer. Or simply add the right jewellery and accessories and you’ll look stunning wherever you’re going. Is a red dress a little too intense for your liking? Not to worry. There are also red print dresses for you to choose from. This way you can enjoy wearing red, without feeling like it’s too much. You can also choose between the kind of look you are going for. Feel like going all out? We stand behind you, all the way! Or if you want to keep the look simple, we’re there for you. Do what makes you feel happiest. Which red dress is going to be your new favourite?

The perfect red dress for a party

A red dress is the perfect item of clothing for a party. Red is such a striking colour, which will instantly transform your outfit into a party outfit. There’ll be no missing you! Fancy making your outfit even more special? We think a scrunchie in the same colour or print would be a great match for your red dress. Feel free to dress more noticeably for a party and throw on some statement earrings. Try a pair of striking drop earrings and style them with a statement necklace. A chain belt would make your red dress even more festive and gives it that little something extra. Finish off your look with a gorgeous pair of killer heels or kickass boots. The choice is yours! Still think a red dress would be too daring for you and would you rather try a different colour? Then My Jewellery is the place for you because we have a great selection of dresses in all kinds of colours. How about blue dresses, green dresses and lilac dresses, but even black dresses and white dresses. Shop your ultimate party dress at My Jewellery!

Finish a red dress with beautiful jewellery

RED ALERT! We guarantee you’ll easily make a statement wearing a red dress. Regardless of which model you choose, red is already one of our all-time favourites. You might be wondering what’s the best way to style your red dress with jewellery. It’s simple. Layering! Layered necklaces are such a huge hit right now. By wearing multiple necklaces, you’re creating an even more powerful look for your red dress. A V-neck red dress would look marvellous paired with a necklace party. If it isn’t a V-neck red dress, you can still easily wear your necklaces over your dress for full effect. You can never wear too much jewellery, and especially with the colour of love so feel free to go all out with your favourite items. Tip: style your red dress with jewellery that also features red. Take for example the Powerstones collection, where you’ll find plenty of jewellery featuring the colour red. When it comes down to it, there really are no rules when it comes to jewellery so whatever look you go for, make sure it speaks to you. Style it with your own jewellery or take a look on My Jewellery for some new jewellery. Do you have a jewellery set in mind yet?