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  1. Orange short sleeved wrap dress
    Orange short sleeved wrap dress
    Orange short sleeved wrap dress
    As low as €27.99 Regular Price €39.99
    Orange short sleeved wrap dress is available in 7 colors Available in 7 colors
  2. Orange maxi dress with bohemian print
    Orange maxi dress with bohemian print
  3. White crochet wrap dress
    White crochet wrap dress
    White crochet wrap dress
    As low as €34.99 Regular Price €49.99
    White crochet wrap dress is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  4. Orange butterfly sleeve midi wrap dress
    Orange butterfly sleeve midi wrap dress
    Orange butterfly sleeve midi wrap dress is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors

Trend alert: wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are a prime example of an ongoing trend. This fine design has been in fashion for years and should definitely have a place in your clothes wardrobe too. The wrap at the front and the V-neck are characteristic features of a wrap dress. By tying a bow, you can wrap the dress to fit your size and create a nice waist. A wrap dress therefore looks great on just about any type of figure. Need a little more space around your upper body? Then leave the button open and wear a hot lace camisole underneath. Wrap dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe and can worn during all seasons. A slightly shorter wrap dress with short sleeves for summer or a longer wrap dress for winter. Style your favourite dress with the cutest jewellery and accessories and you’ll be ready to go! Have My Jewellery’s wrap dresses been added to your favourites yet?

Wrap dress styles

Wrap dresses can be styled in a whole bunch of different ways, and the way you finish your look really depends on the wrap dress. Those with a print don’t really need too many extra items to complete a look. For example, cool boots and a matching scrunchie are enough with a wrap dress with a lovely print. In contrast, a black wrap dress is a really nice basic, but could always do with a nice extra fashionable touch. By styling jewellery and a black dress you create the perfect look for a dinner date with your lover or BFF. Wrap dresses don’t just look fantastic on a night out, they look the part at work too. Wear a wrap dress with some thicker pantyhose to give it a more formal look. To complete your outfit, put on a nice leather jacket on top of the dress. Alternatively, wear a nice sweater over your wrap dress and turn it into a cute skirt, making your look even lovelier when it gets cold outside.

Wrap dresses are for all seasons

Wrap dresses can be worn all four seasons and are available in both summer and winter prints. You can spot wrap dresses for the summer by their short sleeves and colourful prints. If you style your wrap dress with a shell choker and some anklets, you have your no.1 summer outfit. Even when you go on holiday, a woman’s wrap dress with a summer print is what you need. With just one item, you are ready to enjoy the sun for a whole day. Wrap dresses are comfortable and fit your figure nicely, creating the perfect outfit. Winter wrap dresses can be recognized by their dark colours and long sleeves. The dark colours make this type of wrap dress easy to style with tights. You could go for a wrap dress in black and wear a chunky knitted cardigan over the top. They’re also great for those cooler summer evenings with a sweater or a cardigan to keep you stylish and warm. That’s how you turn a summer wrap dress into an autumn wrap dress.

We love wrap clothing!

Already have a few wrap dresses in your wardrobe? Why not check out our wrap skirts, they might just be the thing you’re looking for. Wrap skirts are partly so popular because you can wear them all year round. Mix and match your wrap skirt with different jewellery and create a new look every time. Don't have a wrap skirt yet? Then it's high time to shop the latest wrap skirts. Because ladies, with a wrap skirt you are guaranteed a great outfit! You can never have too many wrap skirts because they are super cute and come in many different colours, styles and prints all year round. Style you’re wrap skirt with some lovely tights, a blazer, sweater or cardigan, a cute bag, hair accessory or jewellery, and you’ll be ready to go! So, at My Jewellery you are at the right place to get the full picture and your favourite wrap skirts.