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Jackets & Blazers

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Shop coats and blazers at My Jewellery

Coats & blazers are an important feature of our lives throughout the year. A coat isn’t just something functional in autumn and winter. Coats and blazers can be the items that make your outfit stand out in spring and summer too. We simply cannot get enough of these coats and blazers. They’re perfect for any occasion and can be styled to create a cool, basic, feminine, or even classy look. Go for a winter coat,  teddy jacket,  blazer or jacket? Or, if you’re feeling daring this season, why not try a jacket in a striking print or keep it a little more lowkey? It’s up to you! These items are an absolute must-have if you want to shine for the day. Mix and match away with a matching pair of  pants or a top and the cutest jewellery you have to create that perfect look. What’s it going to be, cool or girly? Classy or oversized? We’ve got it all.

On-trend jackets

Coats and blazers are amazing items for endless styling. They can make your outfit a little bit classier or even give it a cool touch. Do you love those cool looks too? Then you simply must have an oversized coat or blazer in your  clothing collection this fall. The oversized style is never going to go out of fashion, plus they're perfect for styling on-trend layered outfits for fall/winter. The My Jewellery collection always offers a wide range of on-trend oversized blazers to choose from. Are prints not your thing, but you still want to head out that door looking fashionable? Then why not go for a corduroy coat, a faux-leather biker, or that all-time favourite, a denim jacket If you want to look good, then My Jewellery is the place to be.