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  1. Pink cable knit sweater with lace
    Pink cable knit sweater with lace
  2. Pink knit sweater with stripes
    Pink knit sweater with stripes
  3. Multicolour chunky knitted cardigan with lurex
    Multicolour chunky knitted cardigan with lurex
    As low as €59.99
  4. Pink midi wrap dress with red floral print
    Pink midi wrap dress with red floral print
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Plus size clothing at My Jewellery!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! From large sizes to petite clothes, we got you! We believe that everyone deserves to look good in a stylish outfit, no matter your size! However, stereotypes don’t just concern plus size clothing, making the search for cute, trendy plus size clothing for women a little daunting at times. We want to make the search for plus size clothing a little easier! All of My Jewellery's current clothing range is (almost) entirely available in sizes XL-XXL, so that you can buy fashionable plus size clothing. Large sized clothing for women tends to be quite boring, but not on our watch! Today's plus size clothing for women is based on the latest trends, seasons and colours. Plus size clothes shopping has never been this much fun! We’re glad to be a part of it. A size up or down, who cares? You be you. We hope that with our plus size clothing for women, you can feel comfortable & beautiful, both on the inside and outside!

Trends in plus size clothing for women

My Jewellery’s plus size clothing is designed based on the latest trends. That’s why we’ve created a list of our favourite plus size clothing trends, because at My Jewellery’s, you can create any look you want! The cropped blazer or gilet is one such plus size clothing trend, and we are so here for it. A cropped blazer is a shortened blazer and is totally hot to wear as plus size clothing for women. Trust us, this plus size clothing trend is going to take over the daily street scene! Oversized blouses are one of our personal favourites when it comes to plus size clothing trends. Because it’s a daily plus size clothing look that you can always rock with a sleeveless jumpers! Not only that, big puffy jackets are also a plus size clothing trend that we are very fond of. Like a teddy jacket or a winter coat, with this plus size clothing trend you simply can’t go wrong! But of course we can't forget the plus size suits for women trend. A matching co-ord set where suit trousers, a skirt and a blazer come together to create one fluid look is stunning plus size clothing for women! My Jewellery’s plus size clothing meets all the latest trends, so hurry and shop the plus size clothing!

How to: plus size clothing styles

Styling plus size clothing is key! Styling plus size clothing with other plus size items isn’t always that easy. That’s why we’ve put together a number of beautiful plus size clothing looks for women based on the trends mentioned earlier! This gives you a basis and allows you to style the plus size clothing to suit your taste. WE LOVE IT! First things first: choose plus sizes clothing for women which you feel comfortable in. Like a trendy top, T-shirt, sweatshirts or hoodie. Then choose a beautiful pair of trousers or jeans that show off your stunning curves! If you are more into comfy plus size clothing, flared pants or trendy sweatpants are also a great option for plus sized clothing for women. Or emphasise those lovely long legs by going for a beautiful skirt, because large sizes clothing comes in all shapes and sizes! From mini skirts to long skirts and from pleated skirts to leather skirts, you name it, we got it! Style the plus size clothing with some hip chunky boots and a colourful bag and the basic styling of your plus size clothing is more or less done! 

On-trend plus sized dresses

One of our most favourite plus size clothing ranges for women is plus size dresses! The plus size dresses are must-haves for your wardrobe, nowadays it is almost a crime not to have plus sized clothing for women like this in your wardrobe. The plus size dresses are not only super beautiful, they’re also great to wear for every occasion, which means that you can wear the large sized dresses everyday & everywhere! Whether you're looking for a party dress, blouse dress, wedding outfit, sweater dress or cocktail dress, My Jewellery has it all! The plus size long dresses, like a midi dress or maxi dress are perfect for wearing all year round, making the plus size clothing worth shopping for! Emphasise your feminine shape by wearing a beautiful belt around your plus size clothing, and show off those curves. The plus size dresses are perfect if you want to emphasise your feminine side because you're a woman and you should show it off! Be proud and flaunt your body in your plus size clothing for women. Wear those plus size clothing styles as if you’re strutting down the catwalk everyday and give yourself that extra confidence boost, because the rest will come naturally. Love yourself and your curves with the plus size clothing by My Jewellery!