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    Necklace with globe
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    Bracelet with globe
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More information about the Trees for All Foundation

We all know that trees are the answer to climate change. The Trees for All Foundation is an organisation that has been providing carbon offsets through tree planting in the Netherlands and abroad since 1999. Their mission is to plant new forests around the world and restore existing forests. They want to contribute to the fight against climate change, increase biodiversity and improve the standards of living of people in developing countries.

In the Netherlands, Trees for All is considered the most experienced provider of carbon offsets. In addition, they are the only provider of carbon offsets through sustainable forest projects that meet the stringent requirements of CBF certification.

Want to know more about Trees for All’s activities? Take a look at their website.

My Jewellery & the Trees for All Foundation

Want to make your contribution towards offsetting carbon emissions? Buy your favourite items from the My Jewellery Earth Selection. For every item you purchase from this collection, My Jewellery automatically donates half of the cost of a tree to the Trees for All Foundation. In addition, your order will be carbon neutral!

Want to know more about My Jewellery’s sustainability efforts? Take a look at the 'green road trip' page.

Our future depends on what we do today. Are you with us on our green road trip?