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 Wildflower collection: the finest flower jewellery

Grow through what you go through. That is the motto for our newest collection here at My Jewellery! Finally, the Wildflower collection by My Jewellery has been launched and we are thrilled! In the Wildflower collection, you will find a beautiful selection of flower jewellery. The jewellery symbolises your personal growth. Everything you go through in life, makes you stronger. The Wildflower collection represents the free spirit and you, the individual finding your own path. Everything you experience in life helps you grow as a person and become the person you are today. There are so many different items in the collection, you will surely have fun endlessly mixing & matching. From a flower necklace to flower earrings and from a flower bracelet to a ring with a tiny flower. You’ll even find a few pearls with dried flowers inside them. You’ll see that it’s not only lovely to have flowers in your home, but it’s also lovely to wear flowers. You can establish your very own, unique dried flowers jewellery collection. That would put a smile on anyone’s face. The jewellery from the Wildflower collection is handmade. They are made using a new technique, whereby real, dried flowers are set in resin. Each one is unique. So pick out your favourites and let some flowers brighten up your day!

Blossoming with flower jewellery

The jewellery with flowers are timeless pieces and can be easily mixed & matched with your current jewellery collection or even with other matching flower jewellery. Are you a huge fan of rings? Then you’ll find a gorgeous option in the Wildflower collection! From rings with multiple flowers & stones to subtle versions with a single, tiny flower. We’ve got it all! Most of the rings can be adjusted to size, perfectly fitting any finger! Do you prefer necklaces and bracelets? Then you can find stunning items with angels, flowers and our personal favourite: dried flower jewellery. Jewellery doesn’t always have to be big & bold to make an impression. The Wildflower collection will make a lasting impression thanks to the message, design & delicateness. You won’t just find jewellery in the Wildflower collection, but you will also find clothing. From a floaty Wildflower dress to a pleated skirt with Wildflower pattern. There’s always something there to impress. Be sure to also take a look at the pearls in this collection and never forget that one day you will look back and see that all along you were blossoming.

A flower necklace for every outfit

A flower necklace would look great with any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a dress, T-shirt or a blouse, a necklace with flowers will really bring life to the outfit. You’ll want to add this eye-catcher to your jewellery collection! Your necklace party wouldn’t be complete without a flower necklace. You can go for a subtle look by simply picking out one necklace or you could go all out by combining several necklaces. If you would like to give your outfit a more personal touch, you can style this necklace with a few special necklaces. We have necklaces with dried flowers and necklaces with a daisy or violet. We simply love these looks! Most of the necklaces from the Wildflowers collection also have a matching bracelet or matching earrings. Your combination will be even more fun! You’ll find necklaces in so many different designs, varying from oval & round to necklaces in a heart shape. You are sure to find something you love. Here at My Jewellery, we are convinced you will find something perfect for your style. Whether it be feminine, basic, classy or cool, we’ve got your back! Whichever one you pick, make sure it’s the one you love. Share your jewellery party on our social media and tag @myjewellery to get featured! Which combination will you be going for?

We love dried flower jewellery

Dried flower jewellery isn’t just fun for you to shop, but it is also a wonderful gift to give someone. Whether you want to surprise your friend, mother, grandmother, or colleague, you can be sure your gift will be unique with dried flower jewellery. Is the lucky person receiving the gift someone you know well enough to understand exactly what they would like? Then why not try something different? Instead of getting them flowers, surprise them with some personal jewellery. Do you want to let someone know how much they mean to you? Pick out jewellery with a heart shape and then determine whether you should get a necklace, bracelet or earrings. If you get some gorgeous gift packaging to go with the gift, you’ll be ready to go! It’s up to you who or how you surprise them with the Wildflower collection. We’re sure you’ll give them an unforgettable gift. Who knows, you might just treat yourself to something as well from this collection.  Let someone who has been through a hard time know that everything they go through, they also grow through!