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  1. Ketting brave | My Jewellery
    Brave necklace
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  2. Bedel amour | Bedels | My Jewellery
    Amour charm
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  3. Bedel together | Bedels | My Jewellery
    Together charm
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Words of Wisdom

Hurray! Our Words of Wisdom collection has been expanded even more. In this collection you will find necklaces with words, bracelets with words and earrings with words. All of which are inspiring and motivational. The following words can be found in our Words of Wisdom collection:

  • Together
  • Forever
  • Believe
  • Brave
  • Amour
  • Love

Are you a fan of this jewellery with words? Then combine a few items with words together! We know you’ll love wearing it, but it would also make a wonderful gift for one of your favourite people. Which words do you like the most?

Inspire and motivate with words jewellery

The Words of Wisdom collection is here to inspire you with the most motivational words. Wear this piece as a reminder that a little sparkle will take you anywhere! When you wear jewellery with words, you will be reminded every day of all the positivity and love around you. The jewellery with words is made from stainless steel, which means that it won’t discolour. You can shower, clean and swim while wearing this jewellery. You will be able to enjoy our Words of Wisdom collection for years to come! Jewellery with words is a perfect addition to your jewellery stash and will complete any necklace party, arm party or ear party!

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings

Necklace with words

The necklaces with words in our Words of Wisdom collection are some of the longest running items we have and we love them! You could go for the believe necklace, love necklace, or brave necklace. 

Bracelet with words

The bracelets with words are one of the latest additions to the Words of Wisdom collection! Are you a huge fan of bracelets and would you love to wear something different on your wrist? Then you will love expanding your collection of bracelets with a bracelet with words. Take a look at the believe bracelet, amour bracelet and forever bracelet. Subtle and easy to combine!

Earrings with words

Yes, we also have earrings with words in this collection! Which word earrings will you go for? Choose between together, believe, love, armour and forever!

Jewellery with words as a gift

Jewellery with words also makes the perfect gift for her! Would you like to surprise your sister, friend, mother, colleague or BFF with a gift? Then you should definitely consider jewellery with words. There are 6 different words to choose from, so you know you’ll be able to pick something just right! You can also decide between earrings, necklaces and bracelets. There is something for everyone.

The jewellery with words is also available in sets. Go for the Forever Together bracelet set: ideal to share with your BFF, sister, or another important person! You can also get this as a necklace set. Perfect for people who prefer to wear necklaces. It goes without saying that you can also share the forever together necklace set with your favourite person!