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Yin Yang collection at My Jewellery

Yin Yang: who doesn’t know it? The half white circle with black dot and half black circle with white dot. Beautiful, but what exactly does it mean? Yin Yang represents two energies and opposing forces. For example: light and dark, hot and cold. Aside from opposites, it also represents additional value for each other. Everything in the world needs an opposite force to create balance. That is what Yin Yang is all about: balance! Wear these pieces as a reminder that life is not built upon goals of perfection, but upon balance. Do you love this thought and philosophy as much as us? Then expand your jewellery collection with our Yin Yang pieces. There’s something for everyone: we have earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms with the famous Yin Yang symbol.

Yin Yang jewellery

You can now get Yin Yang jewellery at My Jewellery! Perfect if you are looking to find balance in your life. Yin Yang jewellery is available in both silver and gold, so we’re sure your favourite colours will be there waiting for you. Is the Yin Yang symbol too bold for you? We’ve got you covered! Our Yin Yang jewellery is available in two designs: the original black and white symbol, but also gold & silver variants. Yin Yang just got a whole lot more subtle. Take a look at the Yin Yang ring if you want to expand your jewellery collection. Or even this Yin Yang bracelet to bring some balance to your bracelet stash. Have you seen the Yin Yang earrings? They would be a great addition to your ear party! You also definitely need the Yin Yang necklace in your necklace stash. Have you got a chain necklace or bracelet? We even have a Yin Yang charm to wear on your chain jewellery!

Styling Yin & Yang jewellery

We love seeing Yin Yang jewellery styled with other jewellery. You could style your Yin Yang bracelet with a delicate bracelet. If you want to style your Yin Yang earrings, try wearing them with hoop earrings or subtle drop earrings. The Yin Yang ring is a large and outstanding ring, which is why we love to see it styled with minimalistic rings. Have you set your hopes on a necklace from this collection? Combine this one with a cute short necklace from the collection. The charm is another alternative to incorporating Yin Yang into your look. Hang it on your chain bracelet or chain necklace. You can combine the Yin Yang jewellery in so many different ways! Still need some help with styling? Our customer care team are always ready to help! P.S. did you know that we not only have Yin Yang jewellery in the collection, but also a T-shirt? Check out the fantastic Yin Yang T-shirt if you’re a real fan of the symbol!

Yin Yang jewellery as a gift

Yin Yang jewellery is a wonderful gift to receive. That said, it’s also a wonderful gift to give! This jewellery is not only a piece of jewellery that has a story to tell. Yin Yang jewellery is ideal for someone who is looking for balance in their life. An incredibly original gift for her! To complete your gift, you should also take a look at gifting it with some cute gift packaging. The Yin Yang jewellery deserves to be specially wrapped. Worried that the lucky woman might not like your gift? Don’t worry! It can be returned (free of charge in stores) and they can pick out something else that they love. Which piece of Yin Yang jewellery are you tempted to go for?