Every mother’s story is different but uniquely hers, so this Mother’s Day join us in embracing the power of her story and expressing your love & gratitude for the strongest woman in your life. Our personal and meaningful gifts are so much more than a gift, they are a representation of your unbreakable bond and that deserves to be celebrated this Mother’s Day!

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  1. Fuchsia initial bracelet | My Jewellery
    Fuchsia initial bracelet
    As low as €25.99
  2. Charm necklace Believe | My Jewellery
    Charm necklace Believe
    As low as €19.99
  3. Bracelet with initial in round charm
  4. Birthstone necklace | My Jewellery
    Birthstone necklace
    As low as €25.99
  5. Mother daughter bracelet heart My Jewellery
    Mother & daughter bracelet
  6. Beige initial bracelet  | My Jewellery
    Beige initial bracelet
    As low as €15.99
  7. Ketting met sterrenbeeld bedel | My Jewellery
    Necklace with zodiac charm
    As low as €25.99
  8. Atelier zegelring met ribbels | My Jewellery
    Atelier ribbed signet ring
    As low as €39.99
  9. To the strongest woman Card | My Jewellery
    To the strongest woman Card
  10. Armband met hartjes | My Jewellery
    Bracelet with hearts
    As low as €19.99
  11. Schakelketting met zirkonia initial | My Jewellery
    Chain necklace with cubic zirconia initial
  12. Orange initial bangle | My Jewellery
    Orange initial bangle
    As low as €25.99
  13. Orange mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Orange mother & mini bracelet
  14. Birth Flower bracelet
    Birth Flower bracelet
    As low as €19.99
  15. Charm Necklace Guiding Light | My Jewellery
    Charm Necklace Guiding Light
  16. Oorringen met hart & strass steen | My Jewellery
    Hoop earrings with heart charm and rhinestone
  17. Necklace with initial in round charm | My Jewellery
    Necklace with initial in round charm
  18. Atelier armband met vierkante bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with square charm
Driedubbele ketting minimalistische schakels | My Jewellery
    Triple chain minimalist necklace
  20. Oorhangers met initial van strass | My Jewellery
    Studs with rhinestone initial
  21. Birth Flower charm necklace with rhinestone
    Birth Flower charm necklace with rhinestone
  22. Black mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Black mother & mini bracelet
    • Shop now, pay later
    • Stainless steel jewellery
    • star 8.7/10 Feedback Company rating 
  23. Oorbellen open hart | My Jewellery
    Open heart earrings
    As low as €19.99
  24. Charm necklace Lucky You | My Jewellery
    Charm necklace Clover
    As low as €19.99
  25. Ketting met hartjes | My Jewellery
    Necklace with hearts
    As low as €22.99
  26. Atelier armband met ronde bedel | My Jewellery
    Atelier bracelet with round charm
  27. Basic hoop earrings with rhinestone
    Basic hoop earrings with rhinestone
  28. Forever Connected armbanden set
    Forever Connected bracelet set

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  • What is the best Mother's Day gift?

    To us at My Jewellery there's no better gift for the strongest woman in your life than a piece of meaningful and personal jewellery. Whether she prefers gold jewellery or silver jewellery, our mums will always appreciate a thoughtful piece of jewellery! Our jewellery is all 100% waterproof as it's made of premium stainless steel, which means she can wear it close to her heart for years to come without fear of it tarnishing! Our engraved jewellery, initial jewellery and zodiac jewellery are just some of the pieces that are sure to make the best Mother's Day gift for your mum! 

  • What's the top 10 Mother's Day gifts ideas?

    Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gifts for you mum but not sure where to start? Look no further than our Top 10 Gifts for Women. From special and meaningful jewellery to personalised items and collections that will perfectly represent your mum's unique personality, this list is full of the best inspiration for the top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas. Go to our blog to get inspired by our collection of unique Mother's Day gift ideas. 

  • What day is Mother's Day in 2023?

    The date for Mother's Day 2023 varies depending on which country you're in. In the UK, and a few other places around the world, the date for 'Mothering Sunday' is always linked to the date on which Easter falls, which is why Mother's Day 2023 falls on Sunday 19th March this year. In the rest of Europe, however, Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May, which in 2023 is 14th May. 

  • What are some ideas to do for Mother's Day?

    What you do on Mother's Day depends entirely on what your mother likes doing, it's her day afterall! Why not dress up for brunch, go for a fancy high-tea, treat the hardest working woman in your life with a relaxing spa-day, or get creative with your mum and do a workshop with her, there are so many wonderful Mother's Day ideas around that will truly give her the best Mother's Day ever! What more could your mum ask for than a perfectly personal & meaningful gift and a wonderful outing with her child(ren)?!

Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day, aka Mothering Sunday in the UK & Ireland, falls on Sunday 19th March this year! It’s the one day a year, when all over the world we get to honour all mothers and mother figures with acts of kindness, and of course, the best & most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. On Mother’s Day your mum deserves to feel extra special, and the best way to do that is to shower her with the loveliest personalised Mother’s Day gifts. From perfect jewellery to the most unique accessories and clothing, you’re bound to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift at My Jewellery.  If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery to give your mum for her Mother’s Day gift you’ve come to the right place, because we’re sure you’ll find some wonderful Mother’s Day gifts at My Jewellery!  On Mother’s Day, your favourite woman in the world deserves some extra TLC and what better way to mark that than with a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. For this special day, we’ve lined up a wonderful selection of jewellery to mark the occasion. We might’ve had a challenging couple of years, but your Mother’s Day can’t go wrong with all these beautiful gifts! Trying to come up with a great Mother’s Day gift every single year can seem quite difficult, but thanks to My Jewellery, you are bound to succeed. There are so many choices and options: we know you want to give her the entire world, but let’s start small and go with some stunning jewellery. Did you leave your Mother’s Day gift buying to the last minute, again? No worries! At My Jewellery, you can shop beautiful Mother’s Day jewellery with super-fast delivery. We have a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and watches and to make things even easier for you, we’ve lined up our very favourite Mother’s Day gifts on this page. So look no further, because all of these great Mother’s Day presents are incredibly popular with mum and they all have a special meaning. Call off the search and simply pick out your favourite Mother’s Day gifts here at My Jewellery!

Gorgeous personalised Mother’s Day gifts 

While all mothers are incredibly special, you obviously want your mother to see the special place she has in your heart. Mothers deserve to be made to feel special and appreciated 365 days of the year, but let’s make Mother’s Day feel even more special for her. So, what would be the perfect personalised Mother’s Day gift for your mum on this special day? If you ask us, jewellery will always make the most perfect Mother’s Day gift! Which is why we’ve lined up the most beautiful and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts for you. Looking at the major trends for Mother’s Day presents this year, personalised Mother’s Day gifts really stand out. From our initial collection to our birth year collection, we have so many wonderful personalised jewellery collections, all of which would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Would you like to add several initials to the necklace? Try out the Cubes necklace and make it personal with various initial cubes. If your mother doesn’t like wearing necklaces, you can always take a look at all the other initial jewellery. Looking to really surprise your mum with a piece of jewellery she’ll never want to take off? In that case our Atelier Collection of engraved jewellery is the way to go to guarantee your mum a personalised Mother’s Day gift like never before! Personalised Mother’s Day gifts don’t come much more meaningful or beautiful than our engraved pieces of silver jewellery and gold jewellery. As always, each piece is made of premium stainless steel which means they’ll last for years, but on top of that they can be engraved with up to 4 letters of your choice. Go for your siblings’ initials, or important members of your family, whoever you think your mum will want to keep closest to her heart!

Unique Mother’s Day gifts 

You can easily score Mother’s Day gifts at My Jewellery. Throughout the year we have a range of the sweetest and most unique gifts, items that will suit your mother perfectly. Have you got your heart set on finding your mother the greatest Mother’s Day gift of all? Stop right where you are because we have a list of hot items lined up for you that your mother will love to receive on Mother’s Day! Our advice? Well, every daughter shares a special connection with her mother, so with that in mind, you can never go wrong with a personalised Mother’s Day gift. One of our favourites is the mother daughter bracelet. This bracelet set is something you can both share forever, to remind you of the special bond you share! Do you have sisters too? We also offer the daughter bracelet separately so that all of you can share this unique and special bracelet, we truly couldn’t think of a more unique Mother’s Day gift! New to our range is the ‘Spread the love’ set. Three unique bracelets that you can share with your mother and siblings! This way you can be forever connected and be reminded of the beautiful connection you share. Honestly, these bracelets would make the most meaningful personalised Mother’s Day gifts. Another beautiful option for Mother’s Day is heart shaped jewellery. From gorgeous necklaces to bracelets, and earrings to rings all with lovely heart-shaped details, these pieces will definitely show your mum just how much you love her. We think heart shaped jewellery is the perfect option if you’re looking for personalised Mother’s Day gifts. Combining Mother’s Day gifts is also something your mother will love. A day out with your mother this Mother’s Day is a wonderful Mother’s Day idea. Spending time with the ones we love is one of the kindest things we can do. Have lunch with her and then surprise her with a unique Mother’s Day gift. It'll be a day she’ll never forget! Looking to complete your Mother’s Day gift? Why not add some gorgeous gift wrapping and a Mother’s Day card! Add some beautiful words about how much she means to you, and you’ve got yourself the most perfect & meaningful Mother’s Day surprise. Your mum is bound to feel the love this Mother’s Day!

Jewellery - the best Mother's Day present

Jewellery is timeless, which is why jewellery makes for the best Mother’s Day gifts. Our favourite timeless Mother’s Day jewellery are the pieces from our Initial, Candy Couture Birth Flower, Bold Spirit and Zodiac collections. Would you love to share some jewellery with your mother? Then take a look at all the beautiful matching jewellery, like the forever together necklace and our other jewellery sets. Shop online now for the best Mother’s Day gifts. Whether you are working or studying, chances are you're probably quite busy, and going out to buy a Mother’s Day gift isn’t top of mind. Which is why online shopping is the best and easiest way for you to find the best Mother’s Day gifts or other gifts for her. You can have your order delivered to your house so that you can give her the gift yourself, or you can change the delivery address to where your mother lives, whichever works best for you. The only question you need to ask yourself is: gold jewellery or silver jewellery? Find out which colour your mother prefers and get her the best Mother’s Day gift! Prefer to try before you buy? Come visit us at one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands and Belgium. Make it into a special Mother’s Day outing, and hit the shops with your mum, where you can help her choose the best Mother’s Day gift for her! If you can’t decide, our boutique girls will be more than happy to help you and your lovely mum find the best and most unique Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll cherish for years to come.