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  1. Kralen armband met goudkleurig slotje
    Beaded bracelet with golden clasp
  2. Kralen ketting met zilverkleurig slotje
    Kralen ketting met zilverkleurig slotje
  3. Kralen ketting met goudkleurig slotje
    Kralen ketting met goudkleurig slotje
  4. Kralen armband met zilverkleurig slotje
    Beaded bracelet with silver clasp
  5. Beige bohemian armbandje
    Beige Bohemian bracelet
    Beige Bohemian bracelet is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors

Jewellery according to the latest trends

My Jewellery has a wide collection of jewellery, which means that you will always be able to find something special for you. Every jewellery stash needs trendy pieces. While we simply love adding fashionable items to our assortment, we should also let you know that we have a beautiful selection of timeless jewellery that you can easily combine with any of your other items. Do you love silver or gold jewellery, or would you rather mix it up a bit with beads, stones, colours and quotes? Do you have a special place in your heart for friendship jewels or jewellery with a special meaning? We have something for everyone so you can make your own unique selections. All year round we have new items being added to the collection that are based on the latest trends, so you always look great. We’ve got it all! You can get yourself the finest earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, watches & charms in our webshop or in one of our boutiques. We couldn't imagine the jewellery scene not featuring jewellery with a special message. How sweet is it to be able to gift your loved one something and show them that you care? Surprise your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or BFF with the loveliest friendship jewellery and make it a day to remember. Eye-catching earrings are also a must-have in your jewellery collection. Personal jewellery and jewels with a message aren’t the only trends right now. Chain jewellery is another hit, along with statement jewellery. Go on, bulk up your jewellery stash this season! 

Personal jewellery for every occasion

All jewellery has its own story, but you decide how it gets told. People buy personal jewellery in memory of something, someone or somewhere. They are little reminders of special moments in our lives. Examples of such special and meaningful items are initial jewellery like an initial necklace, a charm bracelet. Personalised jewellery has become massively popular! Aside from jewellery with a letter, you could also pick zodiac jewellery or birth month jewellery. Mama jewellery also has a beautiful and personal meaning. Our special assortment will ensure that you have a fitting gift for any occasion. Take for example the mother-daughter bracelet; timeless, made from stainless steel and the perfect match for both of you. Jewellery with a special message has been making a large impact in the fashion world. Just think. How sweet is it to wear or gift personal jewellery?! Ask anyone. Jewels with an initial, zodiac sign, gemstone or charm is unique and special. For example, zodiac jewellery represents those aspects of a person´s character that gives them extra power. Gemstone jewellery is also a huge hit right now. Each stone represents different healing abilities. Rose quartz, for example, represents love, compassion and creates harmony within a relationship. So as you can see, here we have the widest selection of jewellery. There are so many unique, beautiful and stylish collections to choose from. What item of personal jewellery will you buy?

Go for gold or silver jewellery

The combination of silver jewellery and gold jewellery is no longer a no-go. Mix and match your favourite items to your heart´s content. We actually love styling different colours with each other. There are no more rules! We have added multi-colour jewellery to the assortment so that you can perfectly style your pieces with your outfit. The decision is yours! Whether you decide to wear all gold, all silver or both silver and gold; make as many combinations as you like! Jewellery is the finishing touch for any look and will complete your outfit. Wear it with a beautiful dress, jeans, sweater or jacket. The choice is yours! It doesn't matter what colour you go for, we have it all. Are you the type to go for gold jewellery? Then this is the place for you. Do you prefer silver jewellery? Guess what. My Jewellery is still the place for you! The majority of our jewellery is available in both silver and gold. Get ready to bulk up your jewel stash with beautiful items made from stainless steel. Whatever piece of jewellery you decide to get, make sure it’s jewellery you simply love. You’re the one that will be wearing it! Are you an absolute trend shopper when it comes to jewellery? Be sure to keep us posted on social media. You can also get plenty of inspiration on the latest trends via our social media. You’ll see an ocean of gold and silver that will instantly have you falling in love with beautiful pieces. Shop all your favourite jewellery and we’ll keep you looking trendy!

Stainless steel jewellery

We have stainless steel jewellery, which means that the colour will not fade, which is the handiest thing ever! No more having to remove all your jewellery when you take a shower. Also say goodbye to spending all your hard-earned money on just one piece of jewellery. We have a collection of 925 sterling silver jewellery in the assortment. This is the purest form of silver you can get and it’s a beautiful, luxurious material. Take a good look and see which jewellery is most suitable for you and complete your jewel collection with My Jewellery items. The stainless steel items are a must-have for your collection, are affordable and lasts longer so that you get to enjoy your jewellery for years to come. Shop all your favourite jewels and we’ll keep you on-trend! Take a look at our website and order online or come and visit one of our boutiques. Do you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of jewellery?


Our jewellery is very suitable as a gift for her. Will you be gifting your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, niece or another favorite person?