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Make your own jewellery with DIY jewellery

DIY jewellery has become such a huge rage lately. While we all love and appreciate ready-made bracelets, making your own unique bracelets is even more fun. You get to decide entirely which direction you’re going to take. Which words, which colours, with beads. It’s all up to you! You can make a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Do-it-yourself jewellery is the ultimate way to spend your time. You can unwind and create something unique all at the same time! There’s no age too young or too old to participate. There is no age limit to creativity. You can get more out of the DIY set than one single piece of jewellery. The DIY sets often include cute charms that you can use to make a bracelet or necklace. You can create unique jewellery with a luxurious vibe.

Creative flow with do-it-yourself jewellery

Making DIY jewellery is a creative way to pass the time for you, your children, your friends or someone else. There are a selection of various pieces of jewellery that you can make with the do-it-yourself set. DIY bracelets are mostly made with a DIY package, but we also love making DIY necklaces. Making a necklace might sound complicated, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Take for example the surf choker set. You can make the most unique combinations with these flat beads. DIY earrings are also a lot of fun to make. Shop a gorgeous basic hoop earring set, connect them with strings and let the lacing begin. Are you looking for a cute anklet for the summer? You can make one with a DIY set.

Unique creations with DIY jewellery

Do you love crafts and would you like to create your own jewellery, but have no idea where to start? Well then get stared with one of our DIY sets! The great thing about your own homemade jewellery is that you get to decide what the design is going to be. When you make do-it-yourself jewellery, the sense of pride you will feel is unimaginable and you know that nobody else has the same jewellery. It goes without saying that you can get plenty of inspiration from all the bead jewellery at My Jewellery, but at the end of the day it will be your design. You will decide the colours, the text & the vibe. Which jewellery are you going to challenge yourself with using our DIY sets?

Gifting do-it-yourself jewellery

Making DIY jewellery is so much fun, which is why we think it is a great gift for someone. Giving jewellery really makes you feel good, but how good would you feel knowing that you gave someone something that will keep them entertained and creative, and that results in gorgeous, unique jewellery. It’s the perfect gift for her. We all need more ways to stay active at home. Another great option is to pick out a DIY set, creatively make some jewellery and then gift it. This is a great personal gift for a birthday girl. We would love to see what you’ve made with your DIY set, so be sure to share your wonderful creations with us via social media. Tag @myjewellery to get featured!


  • What is the most effective way to tie the ends of the bracelet?

    We have a cute selection of DIY sets. When you order a DIY set to make bracelets, you should remember that they do not come with clasps. The best way to tie them is by knotting the ends together. Have you got a DIY set to make a necklace? Clasps do come with DIY necklace sets! These clasps can easily be attached. When you are done lacing the necklace, simply add one gold ball to one end. First, you lace the gold ball and then the clasp. Lastly, you push the leftover string through the gold ball. This will become a loop with a clasp at the end. In order to attach it properly, squeeze the gold ball tightly with a pair of pliers. Repeat this at the other end, but with an eyelet instead of a clasp. On our Instagram you will find story highlights titled DIY with a video explaining the exact steps.