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Shop best friend necklaces

Are you on the lookout for beautiful friendship necklaces that you can share with your best friend? Well then, My Jewellery is the place for you! The best friend necklaces at My Jewellery are made from high-quality materials so that you and your best friend can feel connected with our necklaces for longer. You can work out, shower and swim while wearing our necklaces. How great is it to never have to remove your best friend necklace?! The best friend necklaces are available in all sorts, sizes and colours. Pick out a friendship necklace that suits both you and your best friend. But what if you prefer silver jewellery and your best friend prefers gold jewellery? Don’t fret! Haven’t you gathered yet that My Jewellery always has your back? You can choose any friendship necklace in two different colours. Order a silver BFF necklace for yourself and a gold BFF necklace for your best friend, or vice versa. It´s impossible to get it wrong. We have all the options you need. Great, right?!

A friendship necklace for you and your best friend

Sisters before misters, are we right? Has your best friend become the person you lean on? Make your friendship eternal with a best friend necklace from My Jewellery. While some think that wearing a best friend necklace is childish, we simply have to disagree. A best friend can come along at any stage in life and bonds can form in all shapes and sizes. Showing your best friend how much she means to you is far from juvenile. We think it’s an incredibly beautiful gesture! That’s why we have a wonderful selection of best friend necklaces at My Jewellery. There’ll always be something there for you and your best friend. Are you lucky enough to have a few best friends? It would be lovely for all of you to have the same friendship necklace. If, for example, you’re in a group of four best friends, simply order two sets of BFF necklaces. Take a look at our selection of best friend necklaces with your best friend(s) and shop your heart out!


Mix and match your friendship necklace

A best friend necklace is so easy to match with all your other jewellery. Our friendship necklaces are available in various types, colours and sizes. While it needs to be a necklace that you and your best friend will both love, it also needs to complement your other necklaces. This way you can create a very special and unique necklace party with your best friend necklace. My Jewellery best friend necklaces are a great piece to style with other necklaces. If all your other necklaces are gold, then you should select a gold BFF necklace. This also applies if you wear silver necklaces. In doing so, you can keep your necklace party complete. Most of the best friend necklaces at My Jewellery are of a minimalistic design with a pendant. You can easily style these necklace with other minimalistic necklaces, chokers and chain necklaces. It simply depends on the kind of look you’re going for. We’re curious to see what combination you and your best friend come up with for your necklace parties. Keep us posted by tagging #myjewellery. Who knows, we might even share your gorgeous creations on our social media!

A best friend necklace is a very special gift

Shopping a personal and special gift for someone is harder than you think. Especially when it’s your best friend. Naturally, you want to get it just right! Getting something special year after year becomes quite challenging. At My Jewellery, we have a dedicated page where you can shop gifts for her. Have you considered giving her a best friend necklace? We just love the gesture. It’s special and personal and a declaration of your beautiful friendship! Pick out a best friend necklace that will suit both you and your best friend. We're confident she’ll be delighted. To make it even more fun to gift her a friendship necklace, check out our beautiful gift packaging and add it to your order. Does your best friend live far away from you? That’s a shame, but don’t fret. You can enter a different delivery address instead of selecting the billing address. This way, you’ll get the bill, while she gets the gift. Sweet!