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  1. Pink & red striped shopper with ruffle
    Pink & red striped shopper with ruffle
  2. Art chain necklace with pink vintage heart | My Jewellery
    Art chain necklace with pink vintage heart
    As low as €25.99
  3. White socks sport with pink l'amour | My Jewellery
    White socks sport with pink l'amour
    As low as €9.99
  4. Art chain necklace with orange vintage heart | My Jewellery
    Art chain necklace with orange vintage heart
    As low as €25.99
  5. Art chain necklace with fuchsia vintage heart | My Jewellery
    Art chain necklace with fuchsia vintage heart
  6. Art chain necklace with lilac vintage heart | My Jewellery
    Art chain necklace with lilac vintage heart
    As low as €25.99

New on-trend items online daily

New items, something every woman is always looking for. Fashion trends are continuously changing, which is why the team at My Jewellery keeps track of them on a daily basis. Every season we have the latest trends that you’re sure to want in your closet. Of course, not every trend is temporary, some last for ages and become timeless products that are always hot! The My Jewellery new-in collection offers a variety of pieces with unique items according to the latest trends paired with timeless wannahaves that you simply must include in your wardrobe. From on-trend dresses, tops & T-shirts to the coolest jeans and comfy outfits: the new collection includes something for everyone. You won’t just find the best new clothing, you’ll also find amazing jewellery & accessories. My Jewellery also offers special collections made with matching items that will create the perfect matching look. Our back in stock page features all of the products that have come back into stock. 

P.S. Did you know that My Jewellery also offers the most charming gifts for your loved ones? Because this season is all about celebrating life and being together with your loved ones. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest trends and our newest collections? Then subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about the latest trends and special offers. Happy shopping at My Jewellery!

New-in for you

Every season My Jewellery includes new items that come in the hottest colours of the moment. This season is all about classy & comfy items, so you’ll see lots of dresses, long dresses, long skirts, co-ord sets, skirts & blouses. Why not pick a new item of clothing in a colour you wouldn’t normally go for, push the boat out and try something new for a change! Of course, clothing shouldn’t just be about looking good, it’s also important that it’s comfortable. Which is why My Jewellery follows all of the latest trends, and makes sure to test them for comfort. My Jewellery clothing always comes in the latest and most on-trend prints, but also in the most comfortable fabrics and materials. In terms of jewellery, the latest trend is layering. Whether we’re talking necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings, the motto for the season is: more is more! Check out all of our trend pages for proof! Every My Jewellery collection is put together with great care and with the latest trends in mind. A large & creative team of experts is always working to get our new collections up and running without a hitch. That way we can guarantee the best and latest jewellery, clothing & accessories are always available to shop online. So, why not add to your wardrobe with the latest items from our collections.

The best new collections

Are you ready for a new look, but not lost for inspiration? Or do you just want to add some new items to your wardrobe, but not sure what to get? My Jewellery will always put together the cutest sets for you, so you don’t have to scroll too far to choose which set is your favourite. Doesn’t matter which season you’re buying for, we have the perfect items that you can wear throughout all the seasons. Are you someone who loves to wear the most on-trend fashion? Be quick and take a look at the My Jewellery website. From dresses in beautiful prints, scarves to delicate jewellery & jewellery with a special meaning, the My Jewellery collection features it all. Whether you’re looking for on-trend bags, a co-ord set, women’s suit or a cute party dress, we have it all! Prints are always on trend, no matter the season. Whether you want leopard, zebra, snake or floral prints, My Jewellery has it for you! Check out our campaign collection page for an overview of all of our (new) collections!

New season new items

As each season dances into our lives it brings with it a whirlwind of new trends to refresh our wardrobes. At My Jewellery, we're your faithful companion throughout the year offering a kaleidoscope of fashion delights to suit every season's mood. Picture yourself in the freshest spring clothing welcoming the blossoms with our vibrant collection. Then, bask in the sunshine with our sizzling summer clothing designed to make you sparkle brighter than the sun itself. Wear our fall clothing whilst the seasons are changing to totally match this aesthetic. Want to feel cosy during those colder days then layer up in our winter clothing. Select your favourite items and step out the door to celebrate life! My Jewellery will make sure that whatever you’re celebrating you’ll look good doing so! Dresses are always a good idea! Will you be going for a spring dress, summer dress, fall dress or maybe a winter dress? Will you be wearing your favourite flared pants with a cosy sweater or will you be throwing on a singlet today? Are you not into flared pants? Then we recommend going for some trousers with a blazer and a tank top as the centre piece and you’re ready to conquer the day. Looking at the weather is always a good idea when making your outfit choices. Is today more a shorts kind of day or will you throw on some jeans? Obviously, you can also go for a skirt! Are you not sure whether you want to wear a skirt or shorts however? Then skorts are perfect for you! Combine with a crop top or when temperatures are calling for something warmer, a hoodie. The options at My Jewellery are as vast as the sky and we're here to ensure that you can refresh your wardrobe every season with the most delightful on-trend pieces. Don't forget to adorn yourself with new jewellery and accessories that perfectly complement your ensemble. Explore the trends for this season and discover which fashion hues resonate in our blog!