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  1.  Purple skirt tie-dye print
     Purple skirt tie-dye print
    As low as €24.47 Regular Price €34.95
  2. Black skirt with layers
    Black skirt with layers
    As low as €34.95
  3. Grey skirt with pleats
    Grey skirt with pleats
    As low as €24.47 Regular Price €34.95
  4. Pink skirt featuring bouclé and ruffles
    Pink skirt featuring bouclé and ruffles
    As low as €20.97 Regular Price €29.95
  5. Red skirt with leopard print and layers
    Red skirt with leopard print and layers

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The skirt sale at My Jewellery

There’s nothing better than a skirt for a totally feminine vibe! And how nice is it when you can shop the most beautiful My Jewellery skirts for a great price? We have created a top selection for you in our skirt sale. Our skirt sale features a variety of different skirts. So, choose your favourite design, colour, print, and shop for the most fashionable items in our skirt sale. Are you looking for a specific one in our skirt sale? No problem! We have a fantastic selection of wrap-around skirts, maxi skirts and leather skirts on sale. Skirts are super feminine and fashionable and the fun thing about our skirt sale is that every item creates a different look. My Jewellery’s skirt sale features the cutest skirts for a cute price with up to 50% off! A skirt from our skirt sale can be worn for any occasion. Whether you’re off to a party or a business meeting, or even just a regular school day. You can’t go wrong with an item from our skirt sale. We love wearing those very same items from our skirt sale styled with all our other My Jewellery clothes every single day!

Get the perfect outfit from our skirt sale

Create the most beautiful outfits with a skirt from our skirt sale! The great thing about our skirt sale is that you can shop for 2 skirts instead of 1 for the same price. There are numerous skirts in our skirt sale that come in different prints and designs. This way there's always a skirt that’ll suit you down to the ground! Decide beforehand if your skirt from our skirt sale will be the base of your outfit. Do you like wearing basic skirts? So, why not take it up a notch with a dashing top and some eye-catching jewellery and accessories. Take a look at our skirts with prints in our skirt sale. Choose a basic top so your outfit doesn't go over the top. It's also great to complete your look with some minimalist jewellery. Is it cold outside? Then go for a maxi skirt from our skirt sale and style it with a comfy warm sweater. Now you don't just look fashionable, but you're warm as well! Shop your favourite skirts from the skirt sale and complete your outfit.

Trendy skirt sale

We wouldn’t be My Jewellery if we didn’t respond to the latest trends! That’s why the items from our skirt sale are all designed with the very latest trends in mind. It doesn't matter what colour, print or design you pick. With an item from our skirt sale you are guaranteed to be getting a fashionable outfit. You can shop all our skirts for the best prices. Already went over budget in the past few months? But you’d still like to get your hands on some new skirts? Then this skirt sale is perfect for a smaller budget! Our skirt sale is full of items that really shone last season. But that doesn't mean they’re not on-trend anymore. They most certainly are! You can buy cute ruffle skirts, and skirts with trendy prints. Perfect for the season to come! Having a hard time shopping in our skirt sale online? No problem! Drop by one of our My Jewellery boutiques where you can admire all our sale items up close and in person. The girls working there are more than happy to help you put a great outfit together with our My Jewellery clothing. Shop your favourite items from our skirt sale now, because before you know it, it'll be too late. 

Skirt discount for all four seasons

The skirts in our skirt sale can be worn all four seasons. We have mega cute short skirts for summer and winter. In the summer you can wear your mini skirts and show off your beautifully tanned legs, and in winter you can style them with tights. Now you can enjoy your skirts that you picked up in our skirt sale all year round. There’s no end to options available to you with the skirts from our skirt sale. Shop a maxi skirt and enjoy it all year round! In the summer you can wear your maxi skirt with a nice summer top, while in the winter you can just as easily wear it with a thick sweater. Not really into skirts, but you’d like to shop for sale clothing? Take a look at our dress sale or pants & jumpsuits sale. We've also put together a top sale of those items for you as well! We're sure you'll find the perfect item for you. Still looking for new accessories and jewellery? Check out our accessories sale and jewellery sale. Don't wait any longer and shop for your favourite sale items, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!