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Souvenir pink pearl bracelet set

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This item may only be returned as a set!
  • Made of premium stainless steel, so won’t tarnish!
  • The braided part of this bracelet is made of 100% polyester 
  • The diameter of this bracelet can be adjusted up to 3 cm
  • This item is part of our Summer Souvenirs collection


Bring on the sun! With this pink pearl bracelet set, we're totally ready for summer, MY happy season! The happiest colours and pearls give us true summer holiday vibes and we cannot wait to experience new adventures. Summer is a celebration of togetherness and joyful moments that create new memories for life, and this pink pearl bracelet set is ready to join you in this celebration! 

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SKU MJ06439
Brand My Jewellery
Colours Gold, Multi Colour, Pink, Red, Silver, White
Special note This item may only be returned as a set!