Om te zorgen dat alle aankopen goed bij jullie thuis aankomen, maken we natuurlijk gebruik van verpakkingen. Het afgelopen jaar zijn we druk bezig geweest met het verduurzamen van onze verpakkingen. We leggen graag aan jullie uit voor welke materialen we hebben gekozen en waarom deze keuzes zijn gemaakt!

In order to ensure the safe delivery of your purchases, we have to use packaging. The past year we’ve worked hard to make our packaging more eco-friendly. So we’d like to take this opportunity to explain which materials we went for, and why we chose them! 

Our letterbox packages, postal orders and paper bags are all made of FSC certified paper/cardboard. These products are all marked with the FSC logo at the bottom.

FSC is short for Forest Stewardship Council, and FSC certified paper comes from sustainably managed forests. FSC makes sure the forests are maintained and trees aren’t felled for other purposes. In FSC managed forests, trees aren’t all felled at the same time, instead only a small part of the forest is felled giving it the opportunity to recover. That way the forest remains a viable & safe habitat for the many animal species that call it home.

Why Paper?

We consciously decided to work with certified paper instead of plastic, as we think it’s incredibly important to reduce plastic pollution! The paper we use is FSC certified and is fully recyclable.

In order to ensure the most sustainable lifespan of our products, it’s important that the items are recycled correctly, so, in this case they need to be recycled with cardboard/paper. That way we’re all working towards the proper recycling of our products, together.


Our packaging was created by a Dutch company with a sole focus on sustainability. They specialise in sustainability and help us make more sustainable choices when it comes to our packaging. This is a well-established company that has earned multiple certificates, including the most prestigious sustainability certificate in The Netherlands. Additionally, they received ‘Gold Status’ at Ecovadis, an international organisation which serves as an international platform for the recognition and validation of achievements in sustainability.  

Despite all of the accolades they’ve received, they continue to develop, and they’ll soon be opening their new HQ and warehouse in a completely carbon neutral building! Besides being carbon neutral, the building is also completely gas-free and powered by 6600 solar panels.

We’re very excited to have partnered with such experts when it comes to more sustainable packaging, and hope to continue to make considered & conscious choices when it comes to sustainable packaging.

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