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  1. Scrunchie bandana print rood
    Scrunchie bandana print red
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    Scrunchie bandana print blue
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    Scrunchie bandana print light purple
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    Scrunchie bandana print black
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  5. Scrunchie talentfabriek | My Jewellery
    Scrunchie Talent Factory010
    Scrunchie Talent Factory010
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Scrunchies: the cutest hair accessories

You must’ve noticed that scrunchies are the on-trend item at the moment! At My Jewellery, you’ll find a wide range of scrunchies for all seasons. There is a perfect item for everyone. Scrunchies are great for when you don't feel like wearing your hair down. You could decide to put your hair halfway up, or put it in a ponytail. Or how about putting just the top part of your hair in a bun and leaving the rest down? Scrunching your hair is very simple. You can put your hair up with a scrunchie, but you can also wear a normal elastic band underneath for extra strength. Scrunchies, are also great when you wear them with a bun. The scrunchie makes your hair less likely to get tangled and always looks stylish. Match your scrunchies with your outfit and you´ll be ready to go! PS. Did you know that a scrunchie is also called a "hair cloud" or a "cootie catcher"!

Different styles of scrunchies

Are you in love with our scrunchies too? We can’t help it either! Will you go for a teddy, a fluffy, a knitted one, a shiny one, or for all of them? You can never have enough scrunchies! You can go for plain coloured, or for stripy, floral, or dotted. For the best match, it's cute to match the colour of your scrunchie with your favourite top, dress or trousers. We’ve even got face masks that go with My Jewellery scrunchies. You can style away to your heart's content and grab a different trendy scrunchie every day of the week. Isn't that great? So, every single day you’ll be giving off new vibes with a new look. Scrunchies make everything better!

Always on-fleek

Who wouldn’t want a scrunchie?! Scrunchies are the ultimate solution for a bad hair day. Does your hair not look at all like you want it to when you wake up? Then grab your hair accessory and do what we do. Make a bun, ponytail or braid, and put in your scrunchie. It's that easy! A scrunchie looks great with any hairstyle, irrespective of whether you have curly, straight or styled hair. The scrunchies are also available in a sets of two or three, so you’ll always have enough on hand. You’ll not want to miss out on these trendy hair accessories. Never underestimate the power of a scrunchie!