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      Bralettes from My Jewellery

      Bralettes are back with a bang everywhere! That´s why My Jewellery has a great range of bralettes available. A bralette is a strapless top that has not been pre-formed and can be part of your outfit. Lace tops are sexy and super comfy, so they are beautiful and nice to wear. It’s OK to show off your bralette under your outfit, that's the point. Wear it under a mesh top, a deep-cut dress, or a baggy T-shirt. Shop your bralette in lace or in black with a nice shape. We would love to give you more tips for styling and mixing & matching our bralettes, so keep reading. 

      Finish off your outfit

      My Jewellery bralettes make you feel totally feminine. A lot of bralettes can also be worn as short tops, also known as cropped tops. Lace tops fit with every style, so read on for inspiration. For a casual look, go for a blazer with a bralette underneath. Wear it with a fancy pair of slacks and heels and bingo! For an edgy look, wear a bralette underneath a low-cut shirt, a baggy pair of trousers and some trainers. For a feminine look, pick out a mesh top with a bralette and a skirt. Your bralette doesn't always have to be visible, it's wonderfully comfy to just wear it under any outfit. The choice is yours!