My Jewellery x ReShare - Nederlands

Embrace the future, use the past 

At My Jewellery we like to spread positivity and encourage everyone to celebrate and cherish the small moments in life, and we want future generations to be able to celebrate in the same way, which is why we are taking responsibility for a better future. We’ve joined forces with the Salvation Army ReShare to work on a more sustainable future in the fashion industry, so you’ll be able to donate used clothing and textiles at our selected boutiques in Utrecht, Eindhoven, Maastricht and Zwolle.

Participate in our donation scheme and make a positive impact with your old clothing! You’ll receive a 10% discount voucher for every donated bag of used clothing and shoes.

How does it work?

1. Collect your used clothing and shoes.

2. Put it all in a large shopping bag.

3. Allow a boutique team member to check the bag at the My Jewellery checkout.

4.  To thank you for your donation you’ll receive a 10% discount voucher for your next purchase (max. 1 voucher per person, per day)

5. Put your shopping bag in the My Jewellery collection box.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why has My Jewellery chosen this collaboration?

    We believe it’s important for us to take responsibility for a more sustainable future. The way in which textiles are produced, used and disposed of is largely linear. Textiles are made using large quantities of raw materials, but once the textile products have been used more than half is discarded via residual waste in The Netherlands. Sadly, the production, use and disposal of textiles has a major impact on the environment and our society, which is why we’re joining forces with the Salvation Army ReShare project to collect and sustainably process as many clothes and textiles as possible. Ultimately, if we reuse more clothing and textiles, in the long run less will need to be produced which will contribute to a healthier planet. 

  • Where can I donate the clothing?

    At our boutiques in Utrecht, Eindhoven, Zwolle and Maastricht, but if it proves successful we’ll expand the programme to more boutiques in 2023.

  • How can I donate the clothing?

    Please make sure the items are clean, dry and in a sealed bag. Preferably, tie up the shoe laces and pair up the shoes by tying them up together.

  • Can I only donate My Jewellery items, or am I free to donate other brands as well?

    We welcome clothing of all brands, sizes and genders, as long as it’s clean, dry and in a sealed bag. 

  • How many items of clothing do I need to donate to receive a discount voucher?

    A bag with at least 3 items, but more is always appreciated!

  • How many discount vouchers can I receive at a time?

    You’re entitled to 1 voucher per person, per day.

  • When is the discount voucher valid from?

    You can choose to immediately use the discount at the boutique or you can leave your email address and you’ll receive  a unique code in your inbox which can be used for your next online order. 

  • How long is the voucher valid for?

    An online discount code is valid for three months after issue. 

  • What exactly can I donate?

    All clothing and textiles can be reused, including pieces that are broken, missing a button, or have some stains, as long as the pieces are clean and dry. 

    What kind of items will we accept:

    • Clothing
    • Homeware textiles (towels, tea towels, wash cloths etc) 
    • Shoes (preferably tie-up each pair together)
    • Hats, belts, bags

    What will not be accepted?

    • Very dirty or stained items (with paint or oil stains etc.) 
    • Wet clothing
    • Cushions or bedding
  • Can I donate jewellery as well?

    At the moment we only accept old clothing and textiles. However, we are researching ways in which we will be able to sustainably recycle jewellery in the future.

  • What does the Salvation Army ReShare do with the clothing?

    The clothing you donate is used by  The Salvation Army ReShare to realise their aims to create a cyclical textiles chain, with equal opportunities and beautiful, affordable clothing for everyone. Donated clothing is either given away for emergency relief, or sold at social prices at one of the ReShare Stores and Salvation Army stores, or sold to charity. Non-wearable clothing will be recycled and used to manufacture new clothing. Read more about where your clothing ends up on their website.