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  1. Beige schoudertas met goudkleurige studs | My Jewellery
    Beige shoulder bag with gold studs
  2. Gold crocodile print bag
    Gold crocodile print bag
    Gold crocodile print bag is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  3. Zwarte schoudertas met goudkleurige studs | My Jewellery
    Black shoulder bag with gold studs
  4. Oranje gewatteerde schoudertas
    Orange padded shoulder bag
    Orange padded shoulder bag is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
  5. Champagne kleurige gewatteerde schoudertas
    Champagne padded shoulder bag
    Champagne padded shoulder bag is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
  6. Crème kleurige gewatteerde schoudertas
    Cream padded shoulder bag
    Cream padded shoulder bag is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
  7. Groene schoudertas met zilverkleurige rits
    Green shoulder bag with silver zip
    Green shoulder bag with silver zip
    Special Price €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
    Green shoulder bag with silver zip is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  8. Lila gewatteerde schoudertas
    Lilac padded shoulder bag
    Lilac padded shoulder bag
    Out of stock
    Lilac padded shoulder bag is available in 6 colors Available in 6 colors
  9. Oranje schoudertas met croco design | My Jewellery
    Orange crocodile print shoulder bag

Festival bags finish it off!

The festival season has commenced! That means that the festival bags for women can dug up from the back of you closet. Does your festival bag stash not meet your current taste, making it impossible to style with your festival outfit? If you have any doubts about your festival bags, then you’ve come to the right place. The festival bags assortment has been updated with the most on-trend & fashionable festival bags for women. The women’s festival bags by My Jewellery will have you ready to charge into festival season! A festival bag is more than just an accessory. It makes or breaks a festival outfit. Luckily, My Jewellery has festival bags in various types & sizes, which means you can style & match your outfit perfectly. Aside from the fact that a festival bag needs to be beautiful & hip, a festival bag also needs to be practical so that you won’t need to worry about your belongings. The festival bags by My Jewellery are available in various types so whether you want a large festival bag or a small festival bag, we can guarantee you’ll look great while confident that your belongings are stored safely! The festival bags for women by My Jewellery are available in various sizes, however we always find that the smaller festival bags are a better option. That way you’re not inclined to bring too many things with you and the size of the bag does not distract from the outfit. The great thing about festival bags is that you can give them your own twist. You could have a unique festival bag that works just for you!

Festival bag trends

Rule number one: wear festival bags for women that you love because a boost of confidence will make every outfit shine bright! A festival bag for women is the foundation to your festival accessories. If somehow you haven’t yet spotted the ideal festival bag, then we would be delighted to help you out. That’s why we have the latest festival trends lined up for you! The classic bum bags are up and coming. These festival bags are all about ease & safety. Bum bags have a very simple design but we wouldn’t be My Jewellery if we didn’t give them a special twist. The My Jewellery bum bags are available in various fun colours! Wear a bum bag crossbody or around your waist so that you have a good view of your belongings while looking fashionable. Two birds, one stone! As you might already know, the all-too-famous shoulder bag is quite popular at festivals. A shoulder bag with unique designs, prints and colours, from snake prints to crocodile and from neutral colours to neon colours. The options are endless! A festival is a safe space to let your hair down without the bad taste of being judged. Sounds like heaven to us!

Create your favourite festival bag

The My Jewellery festival bags are from a different level! The wonderful thing is that you control the reins & you can create your ideal festival dream bag. The festival bags can be shopped just the way they are which means you will be ready to go in just a jiffy. But if you do find you have some time to get creative, go for it! Spice up your festival bag even more by replacing the removable bag strap with any other strap you might like. These bag straps are super easy to use and can be attached within seconds. You can switch it up & adjust your festival bag to the theme of the festival. My Jewellery has various bag straps and chains to offer, which means that you can have the perfect festival bag for any type of festival or event you might be attending. With the click of a clip, you’ll be on your way! Whether you are looking for a festival outfit for cold weather or a festival outfit for warm weather, a bag strap or chain will finish off your outfit, just the way you want it. The bag chain can also be clipped on to your telephone, so you can be sure that while dancing your heart out, there is no need to fear losing your phone! Mix & match as much as you like so that you can create the ideal festival bag. Have fun!

Festival bags & accessories

We’ve said it before: festival bags for women are a creative way to expand on your festival outfit nowadays. It’s the perfect addition to your outfit if you are looking for some extra detailing. What’s even better is combining your festival bag with other festival accessories. A festival bag is simply the starting point when adding that little something extra to your festival outfit. But it doesn’t end there. We have so many options for you. Bring your festival outfit to the next level. We have cute, trendy festival accessories all lined up for you to help you find some inspiration! Bucket hats, beanies, caps, hats; all of these wonderful options belong to the list of festival accessories. Do hats not suit you? No worries! Create a unique hairdo with some hair accessories like scrunchies, bandanas or hairpins and say farewell to bad hair days! Add a pair of cool boots to the look, your favourite jewellery and don’t forget your festival bag and you’ll be ready to get the party started! We hope you have a blast!

P.S.: send us a photo with your festival bag on Instagram or use the hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We can’t wait to see it!