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As a brand we aim to spread positivity by encouraging everybody to cherish the small moments and embrace the ongoing celebration of life. We believe it is important that future generations will also have something to celebrate, which is why we’re embracing our responsibility for a better future. 

Our Responsibility

Our mission when it comes to sustainability is to make sure the world behind My Jewellery is just as sparkling as our brand. We aim to make conscious choices that will have a positive impact. We will continue to face the challenges that we’re all facing with a powerful and optimistic mindset, because we are sparkling connectors in everything we do. We realise the job is never ‘finished’ and that social responsibility is a continuous process, but we see every day as a new opportunity to do something more & to better ourselves every step of the way.

Check this page for updates about our journey to becoming a better version of ourselves and all our big & small celebrations along the way. 


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Sparkling People

My Jewellery started out as a female-led, family-run business with great ambition & passion. Along the journey to who we are today we’ve learnt from many people and know the importance of taking care of those close to us. We firmly believe that we can achieve a lot more together than alone, and that everything we achieve as a company is thanks to the sparkling people that pour their love & power into building our brand. 

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Sparkling Planet

While we love our industry, and enjoy making people happy with our designs, we also fully recognise that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, and it’s undeniable that everything we make has an impact on the planet. It's important to operate within the limits of the earth and strive to be as economical and environmentally conscious as possible. Our long-term goal is to become carbon neutral. 

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Sparkling Products

We strive for high quality products for an affordable price, and the product is always at the heart of our business, but at the same time, we can only create meaningful moments if we consider improvements. We do realise that the manufacturing of our products and the journey they take have a huge impact on our planet, so with every step we take, we promise to consciously consider how to make better choices.