My Jewellery Boutiques

Since 2015, My Jewellery has been opening the most attractive and innovative boutiques in selected shopping cities in the Netherlands. Planning a shopping trip? Be sure to check our adjusted opening hours in advance to avoid disappointment. The opening times of our boutiques are adjusted according to the latest Dutch Covid-19 restrictions. Visit one of our boutiques from Monday until Saturday from 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m & on Sundays from 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. 


Since 2011, My Jewellery has been offering a complete range of jewellery & accessories through partner stores across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Since 2018, there are even outlets with a complete My Jewellery shop-in-shop.

Jewelz & More
Dorpsstraat 74
6661 EN Elst

Jess Fashionstore
Antwerpsestraat 79
2500 Lier, Belgium

De Loods Fashion
Dorpsstraat 35
3641 EA Mijdrecht

Torenstraat 26-28
8881 BK West-Terschelling

Studio Jill
De Grutterij 7
3831 NE Leusden

Martelarenstraat 46/48
3200 Aarschot, Belgium

NOUN Collectables
Oude Vismarkt 23
8011 AT Zwolle

Dorpsstraat 45
2665 BG Bleiswijk

Sake Store
Waagstraat 3
9101 LC Dokkum

Cosme Lifestyle
Oosteinde 2
7772 CB Hardenberg

Gossip Fashionstore
Passage 33
4701 AN Roosendaal

Mooi ben jij!
Grutstraat 1
7001 BW Doetinchem

Hoofdstraat 3
5461 JC Veghel

Verburghweg 38a
4033 GP Lienden

Studio Jill
Soesterbergsestraat 31-4
3768 EB Soest

You & Me bij Elise
Walstraat 12
5341 CK Oss

Modewereld van de Belt
Dorpsstraat 44
7957 AW De Wijk

Fashion & Jewels
Vriesestraat 122
3311 NS Dordrecht

Les Folies
Sint-Baafsplein 8
9000 Ghent, Belgium

Stout! Jeans
Herenstraat 20
8102 CP Raalte

Keizerstraat 25
1781 GD Den Helder

Princestraat 32
2225 GC Katwijk aan Zee

Smidsweg 5-7
3295 BT 's-Gravendeel

Studio Jill
Molenplein 5
3862 JL Nijkerk

Pastoor Vullinghsplein 20
5975 DJ Sevenum

Oranjestraat 9
5682 CA Best

Latenzo Fashion Lifestyle
Kreitenmolenstraat 80
5071 BH Udenhout

Sternpassage 15
8161 HP Epe

Westeinde 161
7671 EN Vriezenveen
Meijers Mode
Dorpsstraat 42-44
8071 BZ Nunspeet

Moda Di Donna
Boschstraat 24b
5301 AD Zaltbommel

L'Avenue Fashion & Shoes
Gravenstraat 14
2691 AL 's-Gravenzande

Bijzonder & Genieten
Gedemptevaart 6
9231 AV Surhuisterveen

Vierakkerstraat 51
6851 BD Huissen

M&M Boutique
Theresiastraat 270
2593 AX The Hague

Hennemarkt 3
3300 Tienen, Belgium

Brover Fashion
Spuiplein 45
4511 AP Breskens

Van Beuzekom Mode
Botersteeg 17
4201 JR Gorinchem

Peter Fashion & Trends
Marktstraat 29
4921 BE Made

Zus en zoos
Molenberg 9
8325 CA Vollenhove

Earrings are our all-time favourite jewellery, and that is why we offer the possibility to pierce your ears in our boutiques. No pierced ears yet, or do you want to add a second or third ear piercing? Make an appointment in one of our boutiques to get your ears pierced and perhaps you will walk out of the boutique with the most beautiful pair of earrings. 

It fits into My Jewellery's strategy to move into unique urban properties in those specific, luxury shopping streets where My Jewellery can offer its customers the best service and experience. In this way, My Jewellery wants to work on generating a personal & close relationship with its customers. The boutiques represent an extension of this philosophy by facilitating customers´ online 
shopping & accepting returns.

My Jewellery, created with love. Since the first opening of the first branch in the center of Den Bosch in 2015, fans from all over the country - from Groningen to Alkmaar - have been welcomed. This popularity resulted in My Jewelery opening two more branches in Utrecht and Breda a year later. My Jewelery now has 15 boutiques spread all over the country.

Each boutique has its own vibe and identity. My Jewellery's founder, Sharon, & her enthusiastic team, together with Maarten Huls of Mr. Stir, try to give each boutique phase a new look.

Private Shopping
The boutiques are open by appointment. To ensure that you can shop safely in a quiet environment, you can now register online for a period of your choice. We work with time slots of 15 minutes. It is possible to shop for a longer period. Then book multiple time slots!
Call & Collect
From now on you can place your order by phone or email at one of our boutiques! The boutique plans a time with you so you can pick up the order. Do you want to return your webshop order in our boutique? You don't have to make an appointment for this, but you can simply walk past the door and hand in your package.

Call & Collect
You can now place your order at our boutiques by phone or email! The boutique will schedule a pickup time when your order is ready. Debit card payments only at the boutiques. You can also return your order this way, but please contact the boutique in advance.

Below you can find the details of a boutique near you. The boutiques are open daily from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Boutique Den Bosch
[email protected]

Boutique Tilburg
[email protected]

Boutique Eindhoven
[email protected]

Boutique Rotterdam
[email protected]

Boutique Nijmegen
[email protected]

Boutique Arnhem
[email protected]

Boutique Utrecht
[email protected]

Boutique Haarlem
[email protected]

Boutique Groningen
[email protected]

Boutique Enschede
[email protected]


Boutique Maastricht
[email protected]

Boutique Breda
[email protected]

Boutique Amsterdam
[email protected]

Boutique My Jewellery AmsterdamBoutique My Jewellery Amsterdam
My Jewellery boutique ArnhemMy Jewellery boutique Arnhem
My Jewellery boutique BredaMy Jewellery boutique Breda
My Jewellery boutique Den BoschMy Jewellery boutique Den Bosch
My Jewellery boutique EindhovenMy Jewellery boutique Eindhoven
My Jewellery boutique HaarlemMy Jewellery boutique Haarlem
My Jewellery boutique MaastrichtMy Jewellery boutique Maastricht
My Jewellery boutique UtrechtMy Jewellery boutique Utrecht
My Jewellery boutique RotterdamMy Jewellery boutique Rotterdam
My Jewellery NijmegenMy Jewellery Nijmegen
Boutique Groningen Boutique Groningen
My Jewellery boutique TilburgMy Jewellery boutique Tilburg
My Jewellery boutique EnschedeMy Jewellery boutique Enschede

Boutique Amsterdam
Hartenstraat 12
1016 CB Amsterdam
Late opening: Thursday & Friday until 7 p.m.


Boutique Arnhem
Bakkerstraat 68
6811 EK Arnhem
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m. 


Boutique Breda
Veemarktstraat 35
4811 ZC Breda
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m. 


Boutique Den Bosch
Snellestraat 37
5211 EM 's-Hertogenbosch
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.

Boutique Eindhoven
Kleine berg 3
5611 JS Eindhoven
Late opening: Friday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Enschede
Langestraat 13
7511 HA Enschede
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Groningen
Folkingestraat 15
9711 JS Groningen
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Haarlem
Barteljorisstraat 6
2011 RB Haarlem
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Maastricht
Sint Amorsplein 16
6211 GT Maastricht
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Nijmegen
Pauwelstraat 11
6511 KW Nijmegen
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.

Boutique Rotterdam
Oude Binnenweg 57a
3012 JA Rotterdam
Late opening: Friday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Tilburg
Heuvelstraat 88
5038 AH Tilburg
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.


Boutique Utrecht
Oudkerkhof 5
3512 GH Utrecht
Late opening: Thursday until 9 p.m.

My Jewellery shop-in-shop GoirleMy Jewellery shop-in-shop Goirle
My Jewellery shop-in-shop BelgiumMy Jewellery shop-in-shop Belgium
My Jewellery shop-in-shop MijdrechtMy Jewellery shop-in-shop Mijdrecht
My Jewellery shop-in-shop RoosendaalMy Jewellery shop-in-shop Roosendaal
Mooi ben jij shop-in-shop My JewelleryMooi ben jij shop-in-shop My Jewellery