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  1. Beige tailleriem met goudkleurige studs
    Beige waist belt with gold studs
    Beige waist belt with gold studs
    As low as €21.24 Regular Price €24.99
    Beige waist belt with gold studs  is available in 2 colors Available in 2 colors
  2. Beige leren knoopriem
    Beige leather tie belt
    Special Price €21.24 Regular Price €24.99
  3. Beige tailleriem met zilverkleurige studs
    Beige waist belt with silver studs
    Beige waist belt with silver studs
    As low as €21.24 Regular Price €24.99

A lovely belt from My Jewellery

Belts are the accessory that finish off just about every outfit. My Jewellery therefore has an insanely cool offer of women’s belts. No matter what kind of belt you’re looking for, you’ll find them here! Belts are the latest fashion item because they can change your look to cool, feminine, or classy. Therefore it's an essential in your wardrobe too so that and you can wear one with every outfit. A dress, flared trousers, skirt, or pants with a belt for women adds the finishing touch to your outfit. My Jewellery offers a great variety of items, like trendy leather belts in different colours. Go for a basic black item or live a little and go for a cute cognac belt. This is also the place to be for animal prints like a snake print. At My Jewellery, you also have a choice of buckles, such as a gold buckle or a silver buckle. It's entirely your choice! Shop the loveliest belts and vary with different items.

These are the hottest trends going around just now

Women's belts are all the rage and you don't want to be left behind, do you? Belts aren’t just super functional, but also super fashionable. Chain belts are totally hot & happening at the moment. You can wear them both over dresses and with a pair of trousers, as an extra accessory, but also actually as a belt. At My Jewellery, you’ll find different types of belts: items with large rings, or smaller rings, in silver, or in gold. It is also totally hot to wear waist belts over a blazer. Why not go for one of our beautiful belts with a large buckle? Another trend we are huge fans of are waist belts with gold and silver rings or studs. These add an edgy touch to your outfit and are fabulous for styling with a basic dress, skirt or trousers.

The coolest look with a woman’s belt

Belts are an essential accessory. Whether you're wearing a dress, trousers, suit, skirt, or jumpsuit, you can always wear a belt! It can also be worn for business occasions, with a buckle belt around a blazer totally trending right now. Buckle belts are also great for your dresses. Do you want to give your casual trousers a bit more spice? Wear one of our silver or gold-studded items. Belts make your look party proof! Chain belts look great with both your party dress and skirt. Our handy belts that you can attach a small wallet to are ideal for your party outfit. The items with a chain are also very cool for your look, so you have the sturdiness of the woman’s belt and a nice feature with a chain. Style the gold-coloured or silver-coloured chain and buckle with your jewellery, or vary the silver and gold colours!

Women’s belts for every outfit

You create a feminine look with a belt! Wear the belt around the waist to give your outfit something extra and to emphasise your waist. An item with rings in it makes it stand out just a little bit more. It tailors your dress nicely and can make a basic dress look totally trendy. Flares with a chain or a narrow waist belt are also super cute. If you let your top hang over your belt a little, you'll be totally ready to go. With My Jewellery belts, you know for sure that you’ll complete your outfit in style. It's not a problem having ten items in your wardrobe because you can wear belts with every outfit. They also last a long time and give you the opportunity to change things up. So, go ahead and shop at My Jewellery now.