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Shop trendy flared trousers at My Jewellery

We can’t imagine life without flares anymore. We are so happy about that! Everyone likes these trendy pants. At My Jewellery, you'll find a great selection of all your favourite flared trousers, from designs in thick fabrics and denim to models with a print. We've got it all! From basic black flared trousers to leopard print flared trousers, the choice is yours! The great thing about flared trousers is that you can wear them all year round. These gems are anything but seasonal. For hot days, wear flared trousers in a thin fabric with a cute top. For cold days, wear a pair of denim flared trousers styled with a turtleneck. All in all, there is something for everyone and you will always find the flared trousers you have been looking for. Share your favourite style on our socials and tag @myjewellery to get featured!

Flared trousers are back

We hear it often enough from our grandmas, mothers and aunties, but flared trousers were totally hot & happening a while ago too. Not only do these trousers look cute, they’re also very comfortable. Most flared trousers in the My Jewellery collection have an elastic waistband. Are you a jeans freak? Then you’ll be glad to hear that you can buy flared jeans at My Jewellery too! This way, you can wear a pair of jeans in your favourite fabric, but with a nice new detail. Go for something different than skinny jeans for once because denim flares are back! The comeback of flared trousers is something we at My Jewellery have been waiting for. Did you know that flares make your legs look optically longer and thinner? What more could you ask for? We only know plus sides to this design and are very curious whether you have already added your favourite to your shopping bag. 

Flared pants, who doesn’t love it?

Do you always have a hard time figuring out which outfit to wear in the morning? That’s a thing of the past with flared trousers. You can literally wear all your clothes with flares. Whether you go for a comfy outfit with an oversized sweater, or for a classy outfit with a beautiful blouse, you decide for yourself. If you want to spice up your flared trousers even more, then style your look with some beautiful jewellery. For example, you could style flared trousers with the latest Wildflower collection, or go for cool and find some nice jewellery from the Chunky Chain collection. One thing is for sure, with flared trousers you can create an outfit exactly the way you like it. Also, when it comes to shoes, you decide what you like. Looking to create a classy outfit? Then match your flared trousers with a beautiful pair of heels. Prefer to look cool? Then go for biker boots. Remember though, that the most important thing is to figure out for yourself what you like wearing!

Flared trousers as a basis for every outfit

An outfit is only complete when you start with a good basic: flared trousers. Flared trousers give your look that instant X-factor. These trousers are a real must-have for every woman, so why not wear them as a good basic. At My Jewellery, you can find flared trousers with prints, but also solid colour flares. Going for flared trousers with a print? Then it's best to choose a more neutral top. Match the top with the colour of the flared trousers so that your look goes well together. If you go for women's flares in a solid colour, you can go all out with your top. Go for a top that reflects the colour of your trousers. Rather a pair of traditional black flares? Then why not challenge yourself and try a pair of flared trousers in a vibrant colour. Wear them with a pretty belt and your outfit will be complete. We love it!