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One piece earrings are on-trend!

lt’s in the name, one piece earrings are loose earrings that you can buy individually. While some may find it a bit awkward, others are already big fans of these popular one piece earrings. Buying one piece earrings is ideal for girls who often find it difficult to choose between different earrings. Because you buy the one piece earrings per one earring, that’s no longer an issue. You can wear different types of earrings in your ears and you're not restricted to earrings in pairs, and that's why we really like this one piece earring trend. One piece earrings are also great for combining with your current jewellery stash, especially if you have a whole bunch of piercings. Adding your one piece earrings to your current ear party couldn’t be any easier, so you can create a whole new look with your new one piece earrings. One piece earrings are real eye-catchers for your ear party. You're bound to get flooded with compliments about them! Curious about how you can create your own ear party with single earrings? Read on!

Different types of one piece earrings

At My Jewellery, we have various types of one piece earrings. From gold and silver one piece earrings, to one piece earrings with coloured details. So, there’s always a one piece earring in their that’ll work for you too. All one piece earrings are made of stainless steel, so your favourite earrings won't discolour even if they come into contact with water. That means you can always keep your one piece earrings in. How cool is that? My Jewellery has several collections that feature unique one piece earrings, making the range broad & diverse. There are plenty for you to choose from, like from the Powerstones collection. These ones have been set with gemstones that each have a special, unique meaning. Don't forget the Moments Collection. These one piece earrings are great for styling with your own custom-designed jewellery. We also have so many other one piece earrings to choose from, so check out the My Jewellery collections now!

Create your own ear party with one piece earrings

Buying one piece earrings means you can express yourself in even more different ways because you can create something unique in each ear. That’s why one piece earrings are also the most fun for styling in an ear party. By mixing and matching all your one piece earrings, they really come into their own. The more earrings you wear in one ear party, the more fun it gets. So, for a great ear party, it's nice if you have lots of piercings. Start by picking out your favourite one piece earring that you want to use as the basis for your ear party. After that, start looking for earrings that go well with them. If your one piece earring has a certain colour, make sure the other earrings have the same colour too. Did you choose an earring with an eye-catching charm? Style it with a basic earring. Want more information on creating a cool ear party? Read our blog and get inspired about how you can use your one piece earrings in an ear party.

One piece earrings as a gift

Still trying to find an original gift for her? Then go for the one piece earrings from My Jewellery! The lucky woman receiving this present will have endless styling fun. Since you’re giving her one or more separate earrings, she can choose how she combines them in her ear party. It's also very nice to give two different one piece earrings! She can then go wild with mixing & matching single earrings. Would she like to have more piercings in her ear? Then we have the ultimate gift tip for you! Take her to one of the My Jewellery boutiques, where she can have her ears pierced and you can then look for some new one piece earrings together. That way you have a nice gift and a nice day out all in one! You could also decide to order one piece earrings for her on the My Jewellery website. Tip: take a look at our gift boxes and add one in the checkout. With one of My Jewellery’s gift boxes your present will be truly complete!