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  1. Oorhangers half met cirkels | My Jewellery
    Half-circle drop earrings
    As low as €25.99
  2. Oorhangers met koordjes van strass stenen | My Jewellery
    Drop earrings with rhinestone tassle
  3. Statement earring with open heart| My Jewellery
    Statement earring with open heart
  4. Statement oorhanger met open cirkel | My Jewellery
    Statement earrings with cut-out circle
  5. Oorhangers met love letters & strass | My Jewellery
    Drop earrings with rhinestone love letters
  6. Oorhangers metallic leatherlook | My Jewellery
    Drop earrings with metallic leather look
  7. Rechthoekige oorhangers met steentjes
    Rectangular earrings with stones
  8. Bold Spirit earrings with coin
    Bold Spirit earrings with coin
  9. Open hoop earrings with clear rhinestones
    Open hoop earrings with clear rhinestones
  10. Statement oorhangers met drie hartjes | My Jewellery
    Three hearts statement earrings
  11. Green beaded statement drop earrings
    Green beaded statement drop earrings
  12. Hartvormige statement oorbellen met kralen | My Jewellery
    Beaded heart statement earrings
  13. Oorbellen met ketting & steentje
    Chain & stone earrings
    As low as €15.99
  14. Statement oorhangers met drie sterren | My Jewellery
    Three stars statement earrings
  15. Oorbellen met kwastjes in V-shape | My Jewellery
    V-shape earrings with tassels
  16. Small rectangular drop earrings, small drop earrings
    Rectangular drop earrings
    As low as €15.95
  17. Hart oorhangers met kwastjes van strass | My Jewellery
  18. Statement pearl drop earrings
    Statement pearl drop earrings
  19. Dubbele ronde statement oorbellen met hart | My Jewellery
    Double round heart statement earrings
  20. Statement oorhangers met strass stenen | My Jewellery
    Statement rhinestone earrings
  21. Ronde statement oorbellen met hart | My Jewellery
    Round heart statement earrings
  22. Braided earrings | My Jewellery
    Braided earrings
    As low as €19.99
    • Shop now, pay later
    • Stainless steel jewellery
    • star 8.7/10 Feedback Company rating 
  23. Oorringen met parels & transparante stenen | My Jewellery
    Pearl & transparent stone earrings
  24. Oorbellen open hart | My Jewellery
    Open heart earrings
    As low as €19.99
  25. Statement oorhangers love letters | My Jewellery
    Love letters statement earrings
  26. Iconic chain earrings
    Iconic chain earrings
    As low as €19.95
  27. Shapes square earrings
    Shapes square earrings
    As low as €24.99
  28. Oorhangers met bolletjes
    Drop earrings with balls
    As low as €15.95

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Beautiful drop earrings for women

Drop earrings are that one piece of jewellery we can’t live without, and you won’t need to when you see the huge range of drop earrings and dangle earrings on offer at My Jewellery. We’ve got silver drop earrings and gold drop earrings, and dangle earrings in a whole variety of sizes that you’re sure to fall in love with. My Jewellery uploads new items every day, allowing you to look on-trend at all times. The great thing about drop earrings a.k.a dangle earrings is that you can choose whichever size you want, for whichever occasion you want them. Dangle earrings might seem too fancy for everyday wear, but who said you need a special occasion to look nice?! From dainty drop earrings to statement dangle earrings, we have them all , and we firmly believe you can wear them all for every occasion, so why not take a look at our webshop to find the right pair of drop earrings for you! Not sure which drop earrings would suit you best? Read our blog on which earrings suit your face shape and discover the secret! Once you’ve discovered the right drop earrings for you, shop your favourites 24/7 online or head to one of our many gorgeous boutiques in The Netherlands and Belgium! Our boutique girls will happily help you find the right pair of drop earrings for you. Happy shopping!

Make a statement in dangle earrings

Drop earrings or dangle earrings are a sure-fire way to add a statement to your look. These statement earrings are completely unmissable and isn’t that exactly what you want your earrings to be? Whenever you wear drop earrings you know exactly what you want to exude to the outside world, and those gorgeous dangle earrings will give you all the confidence to do just that. Drop earrings are the perfect addition to a classy look, so if you’ve got a date night coming up, drop earrings are most certainly the way to go! Dangle earrings don’t just look nice, they’re also really versatile and fun to style. Rocking multiple piercings? In that case we love mixing and matching our drop earrings with other kinds of earrings for a cool and cohesive look. How fun to style your drop earrings with hoops, subtle studs and an ear cuff or two?! Every woman loves a nice pair of drop earrings or dangle earrings, doesn’t matter if those are silver drop earrings or gold drop earrings, any kind of pair is good, and the fact that My Jewellery offers such premium quality stainless steel earrings for an affordable price is even better. If you’ve only got single lobe piercings and are looking to add a few more, head to our boutiques and get your ears pierced there! That way, you’ll be able to make your own on-trend ear stacks in no time!

Drop earrings - your new favourites

Chosen the perfect outfit, but not sure which drop earrings to go for? We’ve got your back! Chosen to wear a dress or skirt? In that case go for feminine and statement drop earrings but keep the rest of the jewellery minimal. Tip: why not try to match the colours of your outfit with the dangle earrings you choose to wear, trust us, it’s a vibe! If you’ve chosen cool vintage jeans we love to match chunky drop earrings or dangle earrings to the look, as the chunkiness in your earrings will really match the cool-girl energy of your vintage jeans. If you prefer a more feminine look we love pairing statement earrings with drop earrings decorated with tassels and extra girly details, such as beads and charms. After all, feminine looks are all about the details! For girls who love a more casual look we recommend pairing subtle drop earrings with simple gold hoops and silver hoops, and that’ll look put together yet paired down. In any case, you know that whatever style of drop earrings you choose, My Jewellery dangle earrings are always on-trend and will have you leaving your house in ultimate style. Want more inspiration on how to perfectly style your new drop earrings? Check out our Insta page for all the latest ways to style your dangle earrings and get inspired by how others pair and style their drop earrings! Alternatively, visit us at one of our boutiques where our boutique girls will happily help you to find the right drop earrings for you! We’re pretty sure you’ll love your new drop earrings from My Jewellery!

The perfect gift: dangle earrings

Earrings, you’ve gotta love ‘em! And the same goes for drop earrings, we couldn’t imagine our jewellery collection without them! Women simply need a good pair of dangle earrings in their life. Which is why drop earrings make such a great gift for yourself and for your loved ones. Determine the prefered jewellery colour of your giftee, and choose a gorgeous pair of dangle earrings for them to wear as part of their everyday look. A gift for her, whether it’s for you mum, sister, friend or aunt, is always a nice surprise and a pair of drop earrings will be the nicest surprise she could think of. If you’re really hoping to make a good impression, pearl earrings are the perfect choice. These drop earrings look amazing with any style and outfit, making them truly versatile and the perfect gift. My Jewellery jewellery pieces are all made of premium stainless steel which means they’re super high quality and durable. It also means they’re 100% waterproof and won’t tarnish, so you can tell your giftee she’s free to swim, shower and workout in her new drop earrings because they’ll remain in great condition for ages to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping. And all that’s left to say from us is: happy shopping & happy gifting!