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Gemstone jewellery: Powerstones collection

A brand-new collection for a fresh new season. The Powerstones are finally here! The launch of this jewellery with a message means that there is an entirely new range of beautiful jewellery for you to shop this autumn. What's great about this unique jewellery is that it not only makes a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection, but it also brings positive vibes. The gemstones that are used in this jewellery have special healing properties. What do we mean by that? Each gemstone has a unique meaning related to improving your life. This jewellery with a message is therefore unique, personal and also bang on trend!

What makes gemstone jewellery so special?

Allow us to explain. Gemstone jewellery may be considered a trendy style of jewellery now, but it has a long history. Thousands of years ago, people valued gemstones for their beauty, healing powers and spiritual properties. Gemstones were not only jewellery with a message, but also status symbols for kings.
The ancient Egyptians used jewellery with a message for vitality and health. The Romans used precious stone jewellery to cure hangovers and addictions. In many other cultures too, special jewellery with a meaning was used for many other healing purposes. This special jewellery has been treasured and worn through the ages.

Special jewellery in all styles

My Jewellery thought this jewellery with a message was too special to ignore.

That is why this collection was designed in a special way, which makes it unique. You can see the beautiful items in this collection below.
This collection wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful necklace and bracelet with a message. Want to add the finishing touch to your meaningful jewellery look? Then you need a ring and a pair of earrings with a message too. Finally, don’t forget that we’ve added a few very special clothing items as the icing on the cake of this special jewellery collection. These items can be the foundation for your “jewellery with a message” outfit. Are you also looking to update your beauty routine? Good news! This special collection also includes face rollers made of precious stones to match your jewellery with a message. A real must-have!

Jewellery with a message as a gift

Although it's fun to buy this special jewellery as a gift to yourself, it also makes a great gift for someone else. Due to the special meaning of the gemstones, this jewellery makes the perfect gift for many different occasions. For example, is one of your friends going through a hard time? Then the black onyx jewellery is the perfect gift for her. This precious stone will give her the inner strength she needs and also block any negative energy.
Is your mum feeling overworked? The gemstone jewellery with rose quartz stone will put the spring back in her step! The stone will give her a feeling of inner peace and will surround her with a bubble of loving energy, which is exactly what she needs.
Do you know what else makes this gorgeous jewellery so great? You can buy it in many different styles and versions. From necklaces to rings with subtle stones and stones in different shapes. This makes it easy to find a gift for someone, even if they have a very particular taste. You can always find the perfect gift in this jewellery collection with a special message!