All our ear cuffs are made of 925 Sterling silver. 925 Sterling silver consists of 92,5% silver and 7,5% alloy, which makes it a bendable material. We also offer gold plated Sterling silver ear cuffs.

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  1. Three stripes ear cuff | My Jewellery
    Three stripes ear cuff
    As low as €9.99
  2. Ear cuff dubbele ringetjes | My Jewellery
    Ear cuff two rings
  3. Nep piercing, gevlochten ear cuff, nep oorbel
    Ear cuff braided print
  4. Ear cuff three rings | My Jewellery
    Ear cuff three rings
  5. Heart stud with ear cuff | My Jewellery
    Ear cuff heart stud
  6. Ear cuff dubbele ring, nep oorbellen
    Ear cuff double ring
  7. Ear cuff dubbele ring strass, nep piercing
    Ear cuff double ring rhinestone
  8. Earring backs four pieces plastic | My Jewellery
    Earring backs four pieces plastic
  9. Earring backs four pieces | My Jewellery
    Earring backs four pieces
    As low as €1.99

The most on-trend ear accessories

Ear cuffs are one of our favourite trends for earrings! But what exactly are ear cuffs? Well, an ear cuff is an earring often worn around the conch of your ear, however, there’s no need to get an actual conch piercing, as your cuff simply locks around your ear. So pierced or not wearing ear cuffs is super easy! Simply bend your silver or gold ear cuffs into the desired size, so they’ll slip over your conch, then squeeze it tight et vóila! A conch party without the pain, permanence and maintenance of a real conch piercing, what could be better?! Gold ear cuffs truly are the perfect addition to your ear party! Add a bit of spice to your ear stack with silver ear cuffs, the ultimate earring hack! My Jewellery has a lovely selection, including silver ear cuffs and gold ear cuffs, whichever floats your boat! Earrings are such an essential when it comes to completing an outfit, and if you are looking for something different and edgy. We also have more subtle silver ear cuffs and golden ear cuffs. There are tons of options to choose from so, what are you waiting for to get an ear cuff? Shop your favourites and spice up that look. We bet you’ll want to add some gold ear cuffs to your ear asap!

How to style ear cuffs

Not looking to get another piercing, but quite fancy an extra earring? Ear cuffs are the answer! We love faux earrings, like gold ear cuffs, to add a bit of spice to our ear look. Ear cuffs are the perfect accessory for various ear placements, such as on the lobe, the helix or the conch, the choice is yours. Not sure how best to style your ear cuffs? Well, a lot of it depends on your choice of jewellery. Ear cuffs always look best when they match your existing earrings, so if you’re a minimal gal stick with minimal gold ear cuffs or silver ear cuffs. If however, you don’t mind making a statement with your ear look, go for statement ear cuffs, or embellished ear cuffs. At My Jewellery we offer something for everyone, so you’re sure to find the right ear cuffs for you! Of course, no one would blame you if you chose to rock just your gold ear cuffs and forgo your usual earrings! Our ear cuffs are simply that cool!

The perfect addition to your ear stack

Cuff earrings are here to stay! The ultimate style choice, you’re bound to have seen loads of fashionistas rocking some cool ear cuffs. We love gold ear cuffs with funky details, but are equally big fans of silver ear cuffs with colourful rhinestones and statement chunky ear cuffs, literally anything you feel suits your style best, go for it! Style your ear cuffs with matching earrings in the same metal and style, or go out of the box and style your ear cuffs with mismatched metals. Think gold ear cuffs with chunky silver earrings, or silver ear cuffs with minimal gold earrings, and no, the days of mismatched metals being considered a style faux-pas are gone! Nowadays, the coolest jewellery looks include ear cuffs and mismatched metals! Whichever look you decide to go for, know that your ear cuffs are sure to finish off your look. Like a true fashionista you need yourself some cool ear cuffs!

Gold ear cuffs or silver ear cuffs?

Are you looking for gold ear cuffs or silver ear cuffs? You’ve come to the right place for both at My Jewellery! Gold ear cuffs & silver ear cuffs are the easiest & fastest way to add an on-trend edge to your look. Both gold and silver ear cuffs can be edgy and feminine, depending on the style and look you’re going for. Silver ear cuffs are super versatile and perfect for women with cool skin tones and hair colours, while gold ear cuffs are the perfect choice for women with warmer skin tones and hair colours. Whichever colour ear cuffs you go for, you want to be able to show them off properly, which is why putting your hair up is the best option. Put your hair in a cute braid and add a braided gold ear cuff to the side, or pull up your hair into a messy bun and add silver ear cuffs on either ear to really go big on the ear cuffs style! Gold and silver ear cuffs are perfect for every occasion, and are the perfect choice for girls who don’t want to get another piercing. So, go for it and get yourself some new silver and gold ear cuffs, you won’t regret it!