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The finest ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are the ultimate trend when it comes to earrings. What exactly is an ear cuff? An ear cuff is an earring that you would usually wear in the middle of your ear or higher. The fantastic thing about it is that you don’t need a piercing to wear them! The concept is easy. You simply bend the ear cuff to the correct size so that it will fit around your helix. Then you gently squeeze the ear cuff closed et voila! Now you don’t have to get more piercings to create your own ear party. By adding an ear cuff to your ear party collection, your look will look more interesting than without. At My Jewellery, we have a wonderful selection of the finest ear cuffs. Whether you’re going for an ear cuff with double ring or an ear cuff with pendant, we’ve got them all! So, put on your party shoes and get yourself some ear cuffs. We bet you anything that you’ll get great reactions.

Combining earrings with earcuffs

Not interested in going through the torture of getting another piercing, but would you love to be able to wear an extra earring? Then earcuffs are just the thing for you! Faux earrings are the perfect addition to your ear party. An earcuff can be worn in different places on your ear between the very top of your ear, down to the mid-section. But what’s the most beautiful way to style an earcuff? Well that depends on your personal preference. Take a look at your other jewellery and match your earcuff accordingly. If you primarily wear minimalistic jewellery, then we suggest you get a minimalistic earcuff. This way your jewellery will be matching! Are you more a fan of bolder jewellery, then take a look at some of the wide earcuffs and colourful earcuffs. At My Jewellery, we have something for every style, so you’re sure to find something you love. It goes without saying that you could decide to wear just your earcuff and not style it with other earrings.

An ear cuff: completely on-trend! 

Ear cuffs are a massive trend right now! Have you spotted anyone wearing them yet? We’ve lined up our favourite ear cuffs for you. Rock it with all your other favourite earrings for an even better result. Do you love being different? Then what about our zigzag ear cuffs? The shape of these ear cuffs is what makes it truly an eye-catcher in your ear. The braided ear cuff is another beauty that will look great with all your outfits. Did you know that we’ve also expanded our Wildflower collection with great ear cuffs featuring all kinds of flowers! For example, check out this cute ear cuff! It’s a real ear-catcher. Whichever ear cuffs you decide to go with, they are all fantastic and will complete your look instantly.

Gold and silver ear cuffs

Are you looking for gold or silver ear cuffs? Then My Jewellery is the place for you! Ear cuffs are actually perfect for people looking for a quick and trendy item for their jewellery collection. An ear cuff can look cool or quite feminine & romantic, so there’ll always been an ear cuff for you. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a silver ear cuff or a gold ear cuff, you’re going to want people to see it embellishing your ear. With that in mind, we suggest you wear your hair in a bun, braid, ponytail, or to one side with a hair clip. Ear cuffs are great for any outfit and any occasion. From statement ear cuffs without holes to faux earrings with a pendant, or from a double ring ear cuff to a braided ear cuff. That’s going to be one tough decision to make! Did you know that any woman would be thrilled with a gift like that? Surprise your friend, sister or mother with one of our trendy ear cuffs!