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    Earring backs four pieces plastic
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    Earring backs four pieces
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On-trend single earrings!

lt’s all in the name, single earrings are one piece earrings that are sold individually as opposed to as a pair. While some might find it a little strange to buy just one single earring, others are already big fans of our on-trend one piece earrings. Buying single earrings is ideal for girls who often find it difficult to choose between different earrings, and are looking to mix and match their earrings. Single earrings are sold as individual earrings which means it’s much easier to choose a selection of different one piece earrings, and not be stuck with a second earring from the pair that you don’t wear. You can wear different types of earrings in your ears and you're not restricted to earrings in pairs, and that's why we love the single earrings trend. Single earrings are also a great addition to your current jewellery stash, especially if you have multiple ear piercings. One piece earrings are so easy to add to your ear party, but they manage to instantly elevate your ear party look to new fashion heights. Single earrings are real eye-catchers for your ear party. You just get ready for all of the compliments! Wanna know how to create your own ear party with one piece earrings? Keep reading!

Different styles of one piece earrings

At My Jewellery, we offer a wide range of single earrings, from gold and silver single earrings, to one piece earrings with colourful details such as beads and gemstones. Which is why we know there’ll always be a single earring that works for you too. All of our single earrings are made of stainless steel, so your favourite one piece earrings won't discolour even if they come into contact with water, which means you never have to take them out. How cool is that? My Jewellery has several collections that feature unique single earrings, which means there’s a wide collection of one piece earrings to choose from. Choose a single earring from our Powerstones collection, the one piece earrings of which have been set with gemstones that each have a special, unique meaning. Also, you don’t want to miss out on our  Moments Collection which features single earrings that are great for styling with your own custom-designed or personal jewellery. We also have so many other one piece earrings to choose from, so check out the My Jewellery collections now!

Create your own ear party with our single earrings

Buying single earrings allows you to express yourself in even more different ways because you can create something unique in each ear, which is why one piece earrings are so fun to style as part of an ear party. By mixing and matching all of your single earrings, you really let them stand out and come into their own. The more earrings you wear in one ear party, the more fun it gets, so why not go for an ear party with your favourite individual earrings. All a great ear party needs is a selection of your favourite single earrings, we’re talking lots of one piece earrings here! No need to be shy. Start by picking out your favourite single earring that you want to use as the basis for your ear party. After that, look for one piece earrings that will go well with the first earring you chose. If your single earring comes in a specific colour, you can either choose to match all of your other single earrings to that one, or mix and match with one piece earrings in different metal colours. Did you go for a single earring with a charm detail? In that case, style it with more minimalist earrings to balance it out, or go all out and choose statement earrings with charm details to really create a standout look. Need more info on how to style your ear party or other jewellery parties? Check out our blog  for all the best single earrings styling and other fashion and jewellery tips and tricks.

One piece earrings make the perfect gift

Still trying to find an original gift for her? Then you simply can’t go wrong with the single earrings by My Jewellery! The lucky woman receiving this present will have endless styling fun. Since you’re giving her one or more individual earrings, she can choose how she styles them in her own ear party. We love giving two different one piece earrings, because that way she can go wild mixing & matching her single earrings in her own way. Not sure if she has multiple ear piercings, but think she might appreciate them? In that case, we have the ultimate gift tip for you! Take her to one of our My Jewellery boutiques in The Netherlands, Belgium and so in Germany, to get her ears pierced and then look for some new one piece earrings together. That way you have a pretty gift, a lovely day and great memories all in one! Alternatively, you could always choose to order her single earrings gift from the My Jewellery website. Tip: take a look at our gift boxes and add one to your shopping basket at the checkout, that way your one piece earring gift is sure to stand out and be treasured!