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  1. Sunglasses chain gold | My Jewellery
    Sunglasses chain gold
    As low as €22.99
  2. Sunglasses chain silver | My Jewellery
    Sunglasses chain silver
    As low as €22.99
  3. Gold pearl sunglasses chain | My Jewellery
    Gold pearl sunglasses chain
  4. Silver pearl sunglasses chain | My Jewellery
    Silver pearl sunglasses chain
  5. Blue sunglasses chain with multicoloured beads | My Jewellery
    As low as €10.00 Regular Price €19.99
  6. Glasses cord shells
    Glasses cord shells
    As low as €9.98 Regular Price €19.95
  7. Souvenirs brillen / airpods koordje met muntjes | My Jewellery
    Souvenirs glasses chain / Airpods strap with silver coins
    As low as €10.00 Regular Price €19.99
  8. Zonnebrilkoordjes | Brillenkoordje
    Zonnebrilkoord amour -Goud
    As low as €7.50 Regular Price €14.99
  9. Zonnebrilkoordjes | Brillenkoordje
    Zonnebrilkoord amour -Zilver
    As low as €4.50 Regular Price €14.99
  10. Souvenirs brillen / airpods koordje met parels | My Jewellery
    Silver Souvenirs sunglasses chain/Airpods chain with pearls
    As low as €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
  11. Sunglasses strap with shells | Sunglasses strap My jewellery
    Glasses cord shells
    Special Price €9.98 Regular Price €19.95

Super handy: sunglasses straps by My Jewellery

Never again leave your sunglasses behind with the glasses chains from My Jewellery. Our sunglasses straps are not only incredibly fashionable, they are also very practical. You’ll never again have to worry about losing your sunglasses or glasses with the glasses chains. That’s why we love (sun)glasses chains!  My Jewellery has made things easier for you with these glasses straps. We all know how annoying it can be when we scratch our glasses or sunglasses by leaving them lying around the place. We constantly throw our glasses around in our bags, on tables and even on the sand at the beach. It’s a recipe for scratching, and nobody wants that. So be sure to take a look at our glasses chains from My Jewellery and protect your (sun)glasses. Keep your glasses or sunglasses around your neck and don’t worry about losing them anymore. Sunglasses straps are essential this summer and you should definitely have at least one in your beach bag. Sunglasses straps will complete your summer look and give you that extra touch when you’re headed to the beach or swimming pool. They are even very useful to have for your regular glasses, all year long. My Jewellery has a wide selection of glasses straps. There are glasses chains with patterns like balls & chains and various colours. We got it all! Looking for the perfect summer vibe? Our multi-coloured beaded sunglasses straps are the thing for you. Super colourful and very trendy! We can’t think of any other way to shine this summer! Are you itching to steal the show with your friends? Take a look at the sunglasses strap with glitters and shine bright! 

On-trend glasses chains

Sunglasses straps are the ultimate trend right now! And of course, we wouldn’t be My Jewellery if we didn’t have the greatest collection of glasses straps available for you. That’s why we have such a beautiful assortment of sunglasses straps lined up for you. You can shop for the latest glasses straps at a great price. You’ll be guaranteed a trendy look! Did you know you can actually wear your glasses straps all year long? Glasses straps look just as great with your regular glasses as they do with sunglasses. Are you blessed with fantastic vision and don't have regular glasses? Good for you! But remember, the sun still shines during winter. You can wear your (sun)glasses straps any time of year. There’s no timeframe for when you can or can’t enjoy wearing your glasses strap. Attaching the glasses straps to your sunglasses is easy. Simply slip the arms of your (sun)glasses through the rings and you’re good to go. Sunglasses straps aren’t just incredibly useful, they are also a very trendy accessory for your collection. A sunglasses strap is such a huge must-have! We can’t get enough of it! Sunglasses straps by My Jewellery are also available in silver and gold. Are you team silver? Match your sunglasses strap with your silver jewellery! Is gold your thing? Combine it with your gold jewellery. We are hands down in love with sunglasses straps! You too? Order your favourite glasses straps fast.

Mix and match with sunglasses straps

Do you see yourself strutting the boardwalks, with lots of people out enjoying drinks with friends or walking the docks with beautiful boats bobbing on the water? You’ll steal the show there, wearing your trendy sunglasses straps from My Jewellery. And what else goes beautifully with sunglasses straps? You guessed it! On-trend swimwear! Of course My Jewellery has beautiful swimwear available for you. We love matching your sunglasses strap with your clothing and jewellery. Your look will be complete! Give your look some extra colour by going for a sunglasses strap with coloured beads. You’ll be beach ready in a jiffy! For the complete beach look, go for the shell sunglasses strap. Get picture perfect for the sun, sea and beach look! Another great thing is that a selection of the sunglasses straps from My Jewellery are made from stainless steel. That means that they won’t discolour from coming into contact with water. No more hesitating, just jump in the sea! Do you like wearing basic outfits? Try our basic twisted sunglasses chain. Would you like to make a statement? We love the chain glasses chain with letters. Get creative with mixing and matching your sunglasses straps and make some cool looks. Having a hard time picking out a glasses strap that suits your glasses or sunglasses? We’re happy to give you some tips! Pick out a sunglasses strap in the same colour as your glasses to create a unified look. Is picking out your sunglasses chain too hard online? Come by one of our many My Jewellery boutiques! You can admire all the glasses straps in real life and match the right glasses strap with your glasses!

Gift glasses chain

A glasses strap is not only really great for you to buy yourself, but glasses straps are also a great gift for others, like your best friend, mother or aunt. Or even someone who keeps losing their sunglasses! That would definitely be a unique gift for her. Pick out a sunglasses strap that will suit the person receiving the gift. For example, does your mother own a pair of gold glasses? Gift her a glasses strap featuring gold. She’ll be sure to have a matching and stylish look with her (sun)glasses strap. You can get yourself (or somebody else) a gorgeous glasses strap from My Jewellery for such a great price. Would you like to make it a little more special? You could also gift her a pair of sunglasses. This way, you can gift her a complete look. Sweet, right?! Want to go all out? Gift her multiple beach bag essentials. Like a water bottle, bucket hat or scrunchie. You just need to know what she loves. Either way, we’re certain your loved one will be delighted with their new glasses strap from My Jewellery. She better be prepared for tons of compliments about her sunglasses strap. Shop for the perfect gift at My Jewellery!