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The most beautiful initial jewellery lined up

Make your jewellery collection more personal with initial jewellery from My Jewellery! These personal jewellery pieces with letters will complete your necklace, ear, ring and arm parties. Personal jewellery is a massive trend right now that we are seeing everywhere in the world of jewellery. Initial jewellery is also a fantastic idea for a gift. The personal jewellery trend fits perfectly in the minimalistic sphere. It doesn't matter what type of jewellery you’re looking for, our personal jewellery with letters are available in all kinds of shapes. Whether it’s a beautiful initial bracelet or a trendy initial necklace, we’ve got it all! Naturally, you can select any jewellery with your own initial, but it’s also a lovely idea to pick the initial of your best friend or lover. There are so many beautiful options. At My Jewellery, we have stunning initial jewellery in our collection. From initial bracelets with robust looks to delicate minimalistic bracelets. Looking for a initial necklace? My Jewellery has got you covered! We even have initial rings in our collection! Are you looking to make a great combination? You can always order a loose chain necklace and style it with charms.

Mix and match endlessly with our personal jewellery

Initial jewellery goes way back. It’s a timeless trend that you can always wear. It won’t be going out of style any time soon. Personal jewellery gives your look a luxurious vibe and is extra special because you can make any combination you want. Not only is personal jewellery incredibly unique, it is also made from high-quality material. All the initial jewellery of My Jewellery is made from stainless steel, which means it will not discolour or fade and so will continue to look great for a long time. You won't need to remove your initial jewellery when you come into contact with water. You can shower and relax in the knowledge that your jewellery will still look great. It goes without saying that you don’t need to style your initial jewellery with other initial jewellery. It goes with all kinds of looks. For example, initial jewellery looks great styled with delicate minimalistic items and even cool statement jewellery. Great, right?! Do you mostly wear silver jewellery? We have lots of initial jewellery options in your favourite colour. But guess what! We also have a whole load of options in gold jewellery. It therefore goes without saying that My Jewellery is the place for you! Would you like to switch it up with initials? Then why not get yourself a basic hoop earring and hang your initial on it?

Personal jewellery: the perfect gift

Would you like to surprise the one you love, your best friend or another someone special? Then this selection of personal jewellery is the perfect gift to both give and receive! Personal jewellery is truly a gift you won't ever forget and is sure to get you lots of compliments. You can also decide to wear multiple initial charms on one piece of jewellery. For example, are you looking to surprise your mother with a necklace? Pick out the initials of you and your siblings and hang them on the necklace. Another beautiful option is a charm bracelet with various little charms. You can even swap them for charms without initials. A ring with an initial is also a beautiful gift for her. Surprise your friend with a beautiful signet ring with initial or even a more subtle ring with initial. Personal jewellery is available in so many different styles. Try to figure out her favourite colour and style and work with that. Another wonderful idea: surprise your best friend (simply because she deserves it or because it’s her birthday) with jewellery with your initial. You could also get the same jewellery for yourself, but with her initial. Ta-da! Matching friendship bracelets!

Mix & match initial jewellery

Would you like to get yourself a collection of multiple pieces of personal initial jewellery? How about a mix of a bracelet, necklace and ring? You can go all out with mixing & matching lots of initials. We love styling initial jewellery with beaded jewellery. Beads just add an element of flair and colour to the mix! And lucky you: we also have beaded bracelets with initials. Two birds, one stone! In the My Jewellery cubes collection, you’ll find beautiful, personal jewellery that you can style with your favourite necklace, bracelet or earrings. A sweet combination is your initial jewellery next to a heart and then your loved one’s initial. Super cute! Do you want to go all out? Spell out his or her name in full with all the initials on one necklace or bracelet. Collect all the initials and hang them off the cubes necklace for a personal look. We’re curious to see what initial jewellery combination will become your favourite jewellery. Be sure to let us know how you do it on social media!