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Your favourite anklets at My Jewellery

Anklets are now a huge hit in spring as well, so be sure to add them to your jewellery stash. This popular foot jewellery will complete your outfit from head to toe, which is why they are such a must-have! At My Jewellery you can shop the finest anklets to finish off your outfit. From shells, to beaded and anklets in silver and in gold. We’ve got it all! In our assortment you will find anklets to match any style and any budget. Good to know: our gold anklets and silver anklets are made from stainless steel. This means they won´t discolour and you can relax when your anklet comes into contact with water. P.S. do you know someone who is a huge fan of anklets? Then maybe you should think about getting one as a gift for her!

Anklets all day, every day

Ankle bracelets are ordinarily associated with summer. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all year round to complete your outfit. A look that we love is rolling up the ends of your trousers or jeans so that your ankle is bare. Your anklet will then really emphasise your ankle. Match your anklet with your jewellery for the perfect look. Do you prefer wearing silver jewellery? Then pick out a silver anklet. Do you prefer wearing gold? Then get a gold anklet. Simple. You can wear anklets with sandals, but also with cute sneakers or slip on shoes. Your outfit will be on-trend! Ankle bracelets stand out even more when you have bare legs. Coloured anklets and beaded anklets are perfect for this summery look. At My Jewellery we love to be able to enjoy our jewellery all the time, which is why we have expanded our collection of anklets to wear all year round. Hurray!

The finest ankle bracelets

Chain jewellery is one of the most popular trends right now. A chain anklet is an absolute must-have in your collection. You should definitely take a look at our beaded anklets too. Would you like to add a summery touch to your outfit? Check out our colourful anklets. We love combining various colours. You could try a combination of the pink anklet with a yellow beaded anklet. Have you seen the ankle bracelets in various different colour beads? It’s such a colourful mix! Prefer a more minimalistic look? Check out the anklets with white beads. For an anklet party in the summer you definitely need the next trend: an anklet with shells. The combination of beaded anklets and shell anklets gives off the ultimate summer vibe. The more beads and colours combined, the better! A shell anklet will help you summerproof your outfit just that little bit more. So, what are you waiting for?

Mixing & matching anklets

Do you want your anklets to stand out? Mix & match various anklets together. Try out a beaded anklet with lots of colour styled with a chain ankle bracelet. To complete your look, you could also order the matching beaded necklace or the matching chain necklace. By bringing the same colours back on both your ankle and your neck, you can create a complete look. We’re huge fans! When you wear an outfit with little colour, it’s nice to mix it up with coloured anklets. Feel free to mix & match! Depending on the season, you can wear a fitting outfit with your anklet. During colder weather, you can wear your anklet with trousers and a blazer, and during the summer, in combination with your favourite summer dresses and skirts. Shop your favourite anklets and mix & match to your heart´s content!