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Shop your women’s cap at My Jewellery

Caps are super handy and cute  accessories. They are true fashion items and are absolutely essential in your wardrobe! Caps are very easy to style with a variety of outfits while adding a unique and special touch to your look. One cap therefore simply isn’t enough because with several caps you can make great combinations with different outfits. At My Jewellery, we have a great range of caps. You can shop for the cutest teddy caps in different colours. These caps are super on-trend and can be seen everywhere right now. Go for a cap with a cool statement or colour. Other than that caps also come in super handy if you need to cover up your bad hair day. Make a low bun or ponytail, put on a nice cap and be done with it. Your secret is safe with us!

Caps for all four seasons

The great thing about caps is that you can wear them for all seasons. In summer, caps are what you need to protect you from the sun, and in winter, they keep you nice and warm. Caps are by no means the only types of  headgear you should have in your wardrobe! Besides cute caps, you’ll also find cute warm beanies in a variety of colours in our collection. You can wear your caps and mix & match them with other accessories. Caps are rather casual items as well, so you can use your caps as a daily wear go-to. Besides, a cap will keep you safe from the rain and cold. Especially when biking they come in handy with keeping your hair in place so it doesn’t bother your vision. Shop your new cap at My Jewellery! All you need to do is go online or plan a fun day of shopping at one of our boutiques to buy your favourite cap.