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  1. Ring met structuur & overlap | My Jewellery
    Structured overlapping ring
  2. Anxiety ring | My Jewellery
    Anxiety ring
    As low as €17.99
  3. Ring with multicoloured squares  | My Jewellery
    Ring with multicoloured squares
  4. Ring initial diamant
    Initial ring with rhinestone
  5. Ring met touwpatroon & overlap | My Jewellery
    Ring with structured overlap
  6. Ring met transparante steen | My Jewellery
    Ring with clear rhinestones
  7. Ring met transparante stenen | My Jewellery
    Ring with clear rhinestones
  8. Ring with engraved stars
    Ring with engraved stars
    As low as €14.99
  9. Ring met geribbeld effect | My Jewellery
    Ridged ring
    As low as €12.50
  10. Ring met aansluitende bolletjes
    Ring with connecting circles
  11. Ring met vlecht
    Braided ring
    As low as €17.99
  12. Zodiac Ring | My Jewellery
    Zodiac Ring
  13. Birthflower ring met bloem | My Jewellery
    Birth Flower ring with flower
  14. Mix ring bohemian
    Bohemian mix ring
    As low as €15.99
  15. Birth Flower ring | My Jewellery
    Birth Flower ring
  16. Triple lavender ring
    Triple lavender ring
    As low as €30.00
  17. Minimalist rings with heart | Rings | My Jewellery
    Ring with small heart
  18. Iconic smalle ring met ribbels
    Iconic narrow ridged ring
    As low as €19.99
  19. Stretch ringen set met parels & kralen
    Stretch ring set with pearls & beads
    As low as €11.19 Regular Price €15.99
  20. Cocktail ring gedraaid met blauwe steen | My Jewellery
    Single sea breeze ring
    As low as €25.00
  21. Iconic brede ring met ribbels
    Iconic wide ridged ring
    As low as €24.99
  22. Cocktail ring gedraaid met roze steen | My Jewellery
    Single very berry ring
    As low as €25.00
    • Shop now, pay later
    • Stainless steel jewellery
    • star 8.7/10 Feedback Company rating 
  23. Single azzuro blue ring
    Single azzuro blue ring
    As low as €25.00
  24. Twisted orange rhinestone cocktail ring | My Jewellery
    Single orange ring
    As low as €25.00
  25. Iconic smalle ring met bolletjes
    Iconic narrow ring with beads
  26. Single ice cube ring
    Single ice cube ring
    As low as €25.00
  27. MOOD ring met roze stenen
    MOOD ring with pink stones
    As low as €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
  28. Ring met druppel & kristal
    Ring with drop & crystal
    As low as €17.99

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The perfect minimalistic ring from My Jewellery

Minimalistic rings are totally on-trend and something you simply can't ignore anymore. At My Jewellery, we love delicate rings, which is why we have put together a beautiful range of minimalistic rings with which to create a minimalistic look. You literally can’t go wrong! We love it! At My Jewellery, we have a top selection of gold minimalist rings and silver minimalist rings. You therefore know for sure that you’ll always find a ring that goes well with your jewellery collection! Besides the fact that thin rings are very, very cute, most of these rings are made of stainless steel, which means that your minimalistic ring won’t discolour, so you can enjoy your minimalistic rings for even longer. Fantastic, right? My Jewellery’s thin rings are also 100% waterproof, so you can keep your minimalistic rings on while taking a shower, cleaning and swimming. Convenient to say the least! Expand your jewellery collection with the minimalistic rings from My Jewellery, and you are guaranteed a trendy look. 

Ring party with delicate rings

Minimalistic rings are great fun, but how do you create the perfect ring party with them? We wouldn't be My Jewellery if we didn't give you some tips! A minimalistic ring is the perfect base for the right ring party. This timeless piece of jewellery can be worn all the time and added to any look you want. With delicate rings, you can wear several of them at once without it becoming too much. So, go wild while creating your ring party. Anything goes! Got a statement ring you’d like to style with a delicate ring? Go for it! A delicate ring is easily styled with a chunkier ring, creating a playful and fashionable effect. The fun thing about minimalistic rings is that they are so nice and thin that they give your ring party that extra touch of perfection. If you have a lot of minimalistic rings, you can mix and match them as often as you want and create a new look every time!

Types of delicate rings

My Jewellery has minimalistic rings that come in many different variations, like delicate rings with links, beads or a heart. At My Jewellery, we also have a fantastic range of basic rings that go well with every look and give your ring party a more basic vibe. Do you want to add a bit more sparkle to your outfit? Then we also have a top selection of minimalistic rings with a gemstone. The fun thing about our minimalistic rings is that they’re easy to save up until you have a nice collection of delicate rings. Not a fan of minimalistic rings? It happens, but no problem! At My Jewellery, we have a large selection of gold rings and silver rings in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at our signet rings, gemstone rings or ring sets. At My Jewellery, we have a large selection of rings. The perfect ring for you will definitely be among them. Shop till you drop girl!

A minimalistic ring, the perfect gift

A minimalistic ring is the perfect present for your mother, BFF or any other loved one. At My Jewellery, we have all kinds of different minimalistic rings at excellent prices. So, you can make it as crazy as she wants. Go for a delicate ring in a cute gift box, and we're sure she'll be absolutely thrilled with this gift for her. Fancy unwrapping some more stuff? Then why not give her a few delicate rings as a gift, so she has a ring party to put on right away. A little tip from us, make sure you know the ring size of the person receiving your minimalistic ring gift. Is it proving impossible to find out, and do you want the gift to be a complete surprise? Then go for one of our one-size rings. She can then adjust it to the right size herself. Which delicate ring will you shop for your loved one?