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Jewellery sets

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Women's jewellery sets at My Jewellery

 Jewellery sets are great items to share or  gift to your loved ones! At My Jewellery we love matching jewellery, which is why you’ve come to the right place to shop your matching jewellery sets for you and your best friend, mum, aunt or sister. Of course we also offer jewellery sets for women that are just for you and can easily be added to your existing jewellery collection. Whether you’re looking for a matching jewellery set as a gift, or simply as an addition to your jewellery collection, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re team gold jewellery sets or team silver jewellery sets, My Jewellery has you covered. My Jewellery offers jewellery sets in both colours, so there’s always something to suit your personal style. Plus, as an added bonus, we even offer matching jewellery sets in both colours, that way you never have to choose. How easy is that?! It’s also the perfect solution if you’re hoping to share your jewellery set with a friend, but she’s more of a silver gal and you’re a gold kinda woman (or vice versa of course). We also love how affordable our jewellery sets are, you’re basically buying two or three pieces of jewellery for the price of one! Our jewellery sets for women come as multiple  necklaces and multiple  earrings sets -perfect for putting together the ultimate  necklace party and  ear party- so it’s entirely up to you if you choose to share your sets with friends or decide to keep them for yourself. Though we do believe in the motto: sharing is caring! And we can guarantee you that whoever you buy a jewellery set for, they’re going to be thrilled!

Mix 'n match your jewellery sets with your loved ones

How fun to be able to share your matching jewellery set from My Jewellery with your best friend, lover of mum? At My Jewellery we love surprising our loved ones with jewellery sets. Our women’s jewellery sets aka gift sets make the perfect gift. Get yourself a jewellery set and share it with your favourite person, so you can always mix and match the pieces you wear. That way you and your bestie can show off a new jewellery party every week! Some jewellery sets come with  personal jewellery pieces which give a super personal touch to any gift. Stay forever connected with your loved one with a jewellery set from My Jewellery! Alternatively, style your jewellery set for women with other jewellery like a  ring set, and create a unique jewellery look complete with the most on-trend items of the season. Rings, necklaces,  bracelets and earrings are all part of our jewellery sets, so you know that My Jewellery always has you covered. Mix and match the jewellery sets with your current jewellery stash or match the jewellery sets with other My Jewellery items. Our very sparkly  Mood collection has to be included in your jewellery collection as the perfect go-to party jewellery. Looking to match your partner in crime? Why not take a look at our  Equal collection, a collection of gender neutral pieces, designed to steal the show! Which jewellery will you pair your jewellery sets with? We can’t wait to find out!