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  1. Bangle met transparante stenen | My Jewellery
    Bangle with clear rhinestones
  2. Bangle met gegraveerde sterretjes | My Jewellery
    Bangle with engraved stars
    As low as €19.99
  3. Open bangle with initial | My Jewellery
    Open bangle with initial
    As low as €29.99
  4.  Mix bangle golf | Armbanden | My Jewellery
    Wave bangle mix
    As low as €17.99
  5. Bangle with chevron pattern | My Jewellery
    Bangle with chevron pattern
  6. Bangle with studs | My Jewellery
    Bangle with studs
    As low as €18.19 Regular Price €25.99
  7. Mix bangle kleine bolletjes
    Tiny spheres mix bangle
    As low as €17.99
  8. Bangle with charm & layers | My Jewellery
    Bangle with charm & layers
    As low as €25.19 Regular Price €35.99
  9. Swirl bangle | My Jewellery
    Swirl bangle
    As low as €17.49 Regular Price €24.99
  10. Woven bangle with zigzag pattern | My Jewellery
    Woven bangle with zigzag pattern
  11. Bangle Amour | My Jewellery
    Bangle Amour
    As low as €29.99
  12. Minimalistisch gevlochten bangle | My Jewellery
    Minimalist braided bangle
    As low as €29.99
  13. Casa fiore bangle met roze bloemen | My Jewellery
    Casa Fiore pink floral bangle
  14. Fuchsia initial bracelet | My Jewellery
    Fuchsia initial bracelet
    As low as €25.99
  15. Orange initial bangle | My Jewellery
    Orange initial bangle
    As low as €25.99
  16. Mix bangle open schakel
    Open link mix bangle
    As low as €9.00 Regular Price €17.99
  17. Bangle with zigzag pattern| My Jewellery
    Bangle with zigzag pattern
    As low as €25.99
  18. Bangle small | My Jewellery
    Bangle square narrow
    As low as €22.99
  19. Bangle met gevlochten patroon | My Jewellery
    Braided bangle
    As low as €29.99
  20. Bangle big | My Jewellery
    Bangle rectangular wide
    As low as €25.99
  21. Bangle with engraved hearts
    Bangle with engraved hearts
  22. Bangle | Bangle bracelet silver | My Jewellery
    Braided bangle
    As low as €10.00 Regular Price €19.99
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  23. Bangle geribbeld smal, slavenarmband
    Bangle ribbed narrow
    As low as €29.95
  24. Bangle patroon
    Bangle pattern
    As low as €25.99
  25. Bangle | Patroon armband | My Jewellery
    Bangle braided
    As low as €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
  26. Bangle gedraaid | Bangles | My Jewellery
    Twisted bangle
  27. Bangle chains
    Bangle chains
    As low as €9.98 Regular Price €19.95

Lucky bangles

Bangles are the perfect piece of jewellery for every outfit and every occasion, and at My Jewellery you’ve come to the right place for all of the best bangle bracelets! Whether you need a new bangle for a business meeting or for a night outfit, our gold bangles and silver bangles are never too much and always on-trend. What we love most about bangles is that you can easily pair them with your different minimalist bracelets, a women’s watch or your chunky chain bracelets. Fun fact!  Did you know that the word bangle is actually derived from the Hindi word: bangri. Bangri means a coloured bracelet or anklet. Meanwhile, the word bracelet comes from the French brachaille which means belonging to the arm. As the bangri is worn around the arm, that’s probably where the term bangle bracelet comes from. And we definitely think the bangle belongs on your arm. If you look into bangles further you’ll learn that they actually have a lot of cultural significance in countries such as India and on the African and Asian continents. In India, bangles are always worn by brides to symbolise good fortune and luck in their marriage. We absolutely love how bangles are more than just a piece of arm candy. And if you love jewellery that symbolises something, we definitely recommend checking out our full range of gorgeous bangles. Who knows, they might bring you luck too! Not sure what kind of bangle to get? No worries! Our range of bangles includes gold bangles, silver bangles, minimalist bangles and patterned bangles, so whatever your style, there’s sure to be a bangle to suit you!

Gold bangles and silver bangles at My Jewellery

Whether you’re a necklace, watch, earrings and/or bracelets kinda girl, you’ve always gotta have space for a pretty bangle. There are so many gorgeous bangle bracelets around, and My Jewellery has an especially great selection of bangle bracelets, both gold bangles and silver bangles. Bangles look great on their own, but we just can’t get over matching our bangles with other jewellery. My Jewellery offers so many different styles of bangle bracelets there’s sure to be one to suit your style and your other jewellery pieces. If you’re a fan of chunky jewellery we recommend styling your existing pieces with statement bangles with a rhinestone of chunky metal design. Prefer a more minimalist approach to jewellery? In that case, simply style your delicate bangle bracelets with other dainty or minimalist pieces. Need more styling inspo? Look no further than our arm party blog which includes all the tips you need to create a killer bracelet stack. Oh and obviously our website and social media channels offer up a whole host of amazing bangle and jewellery inspiration, so check it out!

Bangle bracelets - the stylish choice

All of the My Jewellery bangles are made of premium quality stainless steel. We love stainless steel bangle bracelets because they won’t tarnish, even if they get wet. Which means, you can shower, swim and workout while wearing your bangles and they won’t discolour! In other words, you’ll get endless enjoyment from your bangles! Another great thing about our stainless steel gold bangles and silver bangles is that this material is strong and has been moulded in such a way that your bangle won’t change shape. Most bracelets will mould to the shape of your wrist, but not these bangles. Want to keep those bangles and your other jewellery nice and shiny? Carefully wash your bangle with lukewarm water (no detergents). Check out our blog on how to clean jewellery before you start to make sure your bangles will stay in great condition for however long you want to wear them! In short, bangles are unique, high quality and super on-trend, so what’s not to love about our bangles?! Rock a bangle arm party, with gold bangles and silver bangles, and you’ll shine bright all day long!

The perfect gift

Bangles are a great gift for yourself (treat yo self!) but they’re also a great gift for a loved one. A bangle bracelet is a piece of jewellery everyone will love and want to wear. Plus, bangles are a super versatile gift that’ll easily fit into anyone’s existing wardrobe. Determine your friend’s metal colour of choice and go for either a gold bangle or silver bangle to surprise her with. We also love the idea of surprising a loved one with one of our initial bangles. So personal and timeless! Why not make your gift into a full set, and buy your loved one a bangle that matches a necklace, earrings, rings or other bracelets? Simply check out the webshop for our full range of bangles, both gold bangles and silver bangles, and find the perfect gift for you. You can even get some pretty gift wrapping to really make your bangle gift super special. So what do you say? Have we convinced you of the beautiful, timeless vibes of bangles? Cos we’ve convinced ourselves! It’s time to shop and get ourselves some new bangle bracelets too!