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Always on-trend with bangles

Bangles are a wonderful piece of jewellery to wear with any outfit and work perfectly for any occasion. Whether it’s a business meeting or a night out, a bangle is never over the top and always on-trend! The great thing about them is you can wear them with minimalistic bracelets, a watch or even with a chunky chain bracelet. At My Jewellery, you’ll find a wide selection of various different types of bangles. The selection varies from bangles in unique shapes to bangles with various structures and patterns. Take for instance scales, ridges and even leaves. You can even choose between a selection of minimalistic bangles and statement bangles. If you’re into the minimalistic look, you might just like the glittery bangles. Statement bangles are a huge favourite among chunky lovers because they simply stand out more than the rest. It doesn't matter whether you’re looking for a silver bangle or a gold bangle, we’ve got it all! With a wide selection like ours, you’re always going to find something special. Have you spotted your favourite bangle yet?

Bangles to match all your jewellery

Whether you’re wearing a necklace, a watch, earrings or a bracelet, there’s always room for a bangle. My Jewellery has such a wide range of different models that you’re sure to find a favourite. Bangles worn on their own are stunning, but you can also match them with any of your other pieces of jewellery. For example, if you often wear chunky jewellery, you can style it with a striking bangle with a stone or a flat chain bangle. If you go for the flat chain bangle, you might also love to style it with a flat chain necklace or flat chain ring. Would you rather keep your look minimalistic? Then you could wear delicate bangles together or even mix & match them with other delicate bracelets. Are you clueless when it comes to styling a bangle? Then you could always take a look at our style photos on our social media to get some inspiration to help you create your own combination. Still struggling? Contact our customer care team on the website. They are there to help you!

Bangles that last forever

All My Jewellery bangles are made from high-quality material, namely stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material that doesn’t discolour, even when it comes into contact with water. How great is it to not have to remove your jewellery every time you encounter water?! Another great aspect to these steel bangles is the character of the steel or precious metal that helps determine the shape. Whereas lots of bracelets shape to your wrist, bangles keep their shape. To keep your bangle looking fabulous, we suggest you clean it occasionally. You can easily clean your bangle with some lukewarm water and (chlorine free) soap. In a nutshell, bangles are special, made from high-quality material and are incredibly trendy: more than enough reasons to add a bangle to your stylish jewellery stash. Create your very own arm party and you’ll be ready to shine!

Gifting a bangle

Bangles are fun to shop, but even more fun to shop and gift her. A bangle is a beautiful piece of jewellery that anyone would be delighted to receive. It’s an unforgettable gift that you can wear every day and with any outfit. Pick a bangle in your best friend’s favourite colour or surprise her with something she wouldn't have bought herself. Just make sure that what you get her is something she can style with her own jewellery stash. Another great idea: surprise a loved one with an initial bangle. It’s such a beautiful, personal, timeless gift! Unsure if maybe you might get her something else instead? Not to worry! My Jewellery has such a beautiful and trendy range of jewellery. We have necklaces, rings, earrings and much, much more. Take a look at the various different categories and we guarantee that you’ll find something special! Would you rather get a bag or some other accessory as a gift? Then check out our accessories category and find the perfect item. The chances are you’ll probably find something you might like yourself. No worries. You deserve something too!