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  1. Initial charm minimalist | My Jewellery
    Initial charm minimalist
    As low as €5.99
  2. Individual charm heart | My Jewellery
    Individual charm heart
    As low as €5.99
  3. Zodiac charm | My Jewellery
    Zodiac charm
    As low as €12.99
  4. Individual charm clover | My Jewellery
    Individual charm clover
    As low as €5.99
  5. Initial charm with pearls | My Jewellery
    Initial charm with pearls
    As low as €15.99
  6. Casa fiore bedel oranje hart | My Jewellery
    Casa Fiore orange heart charm
  7. Bedel initiaal met steentjes
    Rhinestone initial charm
    As low as €15.99
  8. Initial voor bohemian armband | My Jewellery
    Initial for bohemian bracelet
  9. Custom bedel rond met structuur | My Jewellery
    Dance of love charm
    As low as €14.99
  10. Casa fiore bedel met handgeschilderde bloem | My Jewellery
    Casa Fiore hand-painted floral charm
  11. Custom Collection Gift Box | My Jewellery
    Custom Collection Gift Box
    As low as €30.09 Regular Price €42.99
  12. Custom bedel hart met strass steentje
    Lucky in love charm
    As low as €14.99
  13. Custom bedel La vita è bella
    Endless love charm
    As low as €14.99
  14. Custom bedel My Jewellery logo | My Jewellery
    Universal love charm
    As low as €14.99
  15. Initial jewellery | Charms | My Jewellery
    Cubes silver coloured initial charm
  16. Moments letter charm | Charms | My Jewellery
    Moments letter charm
    As low as €6.27 Regular Price €8.95
  17. Custom bedel hart met ribbels | My Jewellery
    Self love charm
    As low as €14.99
  18. Rectangular initial charm
    Rectangular initial charm
    As low as €10.47 Regular Price €14.95
  19. Bikini bedel met parel | My Jewellery
    Bikini charm with pearl
    As low as €9.99
  20. Bedel amour | Bedels My Jewellery
    Amour charm
    As low as €14.99
  21. Custom bedel bloem met strass steentje | My Jewellery
    Love in bloom charm
    As low as €14.99
  22. Round bikini charm la vita è bella
    Round bikini charm la vita è bella
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  23. Star charm | Charms | Charm | My Jewellery
    Cubes star charm
    As low as €2.09 Regular Price €6.95
  24. Moon charm | Charms | Charm | My Jewellery
    Cubes moon charm
    As low as €2.09 Regular Price €6.95
  25. Bedel together | Bedels | My Jewellery
    Together charm
    As low as €6.27 Regular Price €8.95
  26. Flower bikini charm with rhinestone
    Flower bikini charm with rhinestone
  27. Bedel losse initial | letter bedels My Jewellery
    Charm loose initial
    As low as €10.47 Regular Price €14.95
  28. Bedel hartje | Bedels | Bedel | My Jewellery
    Cubes little heart charm
    As low as €4.87 Regular Price €6.95

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On-trend charms

The best thing about buying yourself new charms, aka pendants, is that they go with every outfit you might be wearing. Charms can easily be mixed and matched to your existing jewellery pieces, as you simply choose the right charm for your look and thread them onto a bracelet or necklace to have a unique necklace instantly. Why not hang your favourite charm off a chunky chain necklace for a cool, statement piece. Alternatively, go with a more delicate necklace and sweet charm for an understated and elegant vibe. Thought necklaces were the only piece you could wear your gold charm or silver charm on, think again! Charms also work really well on bracelets, and even hooped earrings! Inspired to get yourself some new charms? You’ve come to the right place! My Jewellery offers a wide range of different charms, from gold charms to silver charms, initial charms, number pendants, floral and heart-shaped charms, you name it, we’ve got it! Charms are a real classic jewellery staple, and the fashionistas love it. Why? Because charms are nothing if not versatile! Charms lends themselves so well to mixing and matching, and make it super easy to create a unique look in the process. Go for just a single gold charm or silver charm, or choose multiple in the same colour or,  if you’re feeling daring, mix your metals with gold charms and silver charms for a truly on trend look. Trust us, this is sure to come together to form a super special finished jewellery look. Whichever look you end up going with, you’re sure to find the right gold charms, silver charms, personalised charms or pretty pendants at My Jewellery. What do you think, have we convinced you of the magic of charms?

Personalise jewellery with charms

My Jewellery charms are a perfect addition to all of your necklaces and bracelets, and if you wanna try something totally out of the box, you could even try putting your favourite charms on your hooped earrings. We love trying out different things with our jewellery, and putting our favourite charms on our hooped earrings is one of our favourite ways to do something a little different. A single gold charm or silver charm is super easy to wear on one of your hoops. Simply open up the earring and loop the charm over, and instantly you’ve got yourself the most unique earrings! Love jewellery with a special, personal meaning? In that case charms are a great addition to your jewellery collection. Why not get yourself a gold charm or silver charm engraved with the initials of a loved one, or someone special’s birthday. We also love the idea of combining our favourite gold charms and silver charms and adding them to our fave necklaces and bracelets. This creates such a cool and casual look, people are sure to wonder where you got that beautiful piece of charm jewellery from. So there ya go, different charms are the perfect addition to any necklace party or arm party. Which My Jewellery jewellery combo are you going to go for? Those busy fashionistas amongst us can shop our gorgeous charms online 24/7, so you’ll never have to wait long. Alternatively, head to one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands and Belgium, or check out our amazing flagship store in Eindhoven, and try on your favourite charms while you’re there. You might even spot the perfect necklace chain to pair your charms with!

Gold charms or silver charms?

Letters, numbers, initials, beads, hearts, seashells or minis, charms come in all shapes, colours and sizes! Love classy & subtle? Go for an initial charm. So charming and perfect for any outfit and occasion! Plus, we love how you can choose to wear your own initials, or go for the initials of your loved ones. Alternatively, go all out and choose initials to spell out your favourite word or mantra. Tag charms are simply the best when they have a special meaning for you. Love cute & girly? You can’t go wrong with heart-shaped charms! Such a classic shape and so warm and romantic at the same time. Heart-shaped charms are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! A short necklace adorned with mini charms is the subtle way to wear charmes, while a long necklace with a pendant is going to make more of a statement. For all the beach lovers out there, we love an anklet adorned with your favourite beachy charms. Beach vibes here we come! So, what are you waiting for? Shop those charms at My Jewellery asap!

The perfect gift for her

Charms mare great gifts for yourself, but they’re even better to give as a gift! Charms are personal and meaningful and will make an unforgettable gift for your loved ones. Luckily, My Jewellery offers the loveliest gold charms and silver charms that are sure to make the perfect gift for her. Buy your favourite people some lovely single charms, or go for gold and buy a full jewellery set with meaningful charms and the perfect necklace or bracelet chain to pair it with. The best thing about the My Jewellery charms is that they go to show how a meaningful gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Our pieces are affordable yet made of premium stainless steel so they won’t tarnish and can be worn anywhere & everywhere! What could be better?! Jewellery charms are super on-trend and super personal, and we love the idea that your loved ones can enjoy their charms for years to come. Every time they look at their lovely charm necklace or charm bracelet they’ll be reminded of you and the joy you bring to their lives, and if you ask us, that’s priceless! Want to show off how you style your My Jewellery charms? Simply tag us on Instagram or use #myjewellerygirl and who know, we might just share our favourite ways of styling out charm jewellery. Happy giving & happy shopping!