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Why are charms such a huge hit?

The wonderful thing about buying charms is that they go with any outfit. You can hang your charm off your favourite necklace, but also add charms to your favourite bracelet. A pendant is a real favourite amongst jewellery fans. You can endlessly mix & match them to create the finest combinations. You can decide to simply wear just one charm on your bracelet or necklace, but it’s also fun to wear several of them on the same piece of jewellery. Combine colourful charms with letter charms for a unique burst of colour. If you’re looking for some gorgeous pendants, My Jewellery is just the place for you. Charm jewellery is still a massive hit, which we are delighted about here at My Jewellery. The finest charms and pendants don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Budget-friendly charms are just as beautiful. Whether you mix & match your charm with beads or other pendants, the choice is yours. Pick out your favourite pendants and feel free to play around with different combinations. You can even use charms that you have on other bracelets or necklaces. The combination you go for is entirely up to you. Shop your gold and silver pendants at My Jewellery. Are you a massive fan of charms? 

Charms for various jewellery

Charms aren’t specifically for wearing on necklaces. They also look beautiful on bracelets. Don’t let yourself feel limited. You can wear your bracelet pendants on your necklace and you can wear your necklace pendants on your bracelet. Think outside the box! Have you spotted the loose charms that you can wear on hoop earrings yet? Earring charms can easily be swapped around on different hoop earrings. It’s simply a matter of opening the earring and sliding on the pendant you have. In the latest cubes collection, you’ll also find a beautiful selection of charms for bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Line up the letters of your name on a bracelet or even your lover’s name for a special little reminder of your love. Another sweet option is wearing your best friend’s initials or those of your boyfriend. Wear the charm necklace with a heart in the middle for a lovely effect. Whether you want to wear silver charms or gold charms, we’ve got it all! You are guaranteed to always find a charm that works for you. Needless to say, just because you are team gold or team silver, doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two colours. Wear whatever makes you happy! Create a necklace exactly the way you want it. Combine your necklace with gold or silver pendants or your charm bracelet with any of your other beautiful items of jewellery from My Jewellery.

Charm trends in 2021

Buying letters, beads, hearts, shells or mini charms; all of these pendants are a huge trend this year. Do you love classy & subtle? Check out the initial charms. Initial charms always look great and they go perfectly with any outfit. Whether you go with the letters from your own name, your best friend or you lover, we love all combinations. Word charms are a beautiful option, as long as it has meaning for you. Do you love cute & girly? Check out the heart charm. Heart pendants have an element of warmth to them, which we at My Jewellery feel we want to be able to share. You could wear your heart charm with a combination of letters to make it even more special. Hearts and letters styled together are like a love story in the telling. Another beautiful idea is wearing your tiny pendants on a short necklace and wearing it with a long necklace with a larger charm or pendant. Are you a beach life beauty? My Jewellery has all kinds of wonderful shells. Wear various shell charms together on a necklace, or perhaps style them with your favourite anklet to create a real beach vibe. The latest trend is combining charms and beads together. It is such a playful, summery look that just gets you excited about the summer! We couldn’t think of a better summer combination. You can find the finest charms at My Jewellery. Shop now and get your jewellery stash sorted. 

The finest pendants as a gift

Charms are wonderful to be able to get yourself. You deserve beautiful things. It’s also great to be able to gift charms to someone special. A pendant is an unforgettable gift that will make your loved one shine. My Jewellery has the sweetest pendants picked out for you online. Affordable charms can be styled with a loose necklace, basic hoop earrings, bracelet or anklet. You decide the budget when getting a gift. How great is that? A wonderful gift for her doesn’t have to be expensive. Will you get her a cute charm with your initial or her own initial? It’s up to you. You could even get both your initials. Combine various styles for a unique effect. How sweet is it to give a necklace with pendant bearing your name and for you to wear a necklace with her name? The two of you could have personalised necklaces that nobody else would have. So, whether you decide to go for a charm bracelet or a charm necklace, it’s all up to you! Jewellery charms are trendy, but also very special and personal. Which pendant will you be going for? Let us know what your favourite combination is! We love inspiring and being inspired!