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  1. Square watch with black leather strap | My Jewellery
    Square watch with black leather strap
  2. Watch with square face | My Jewellery
    Watch with square face
    As low as €49.99
  3. Square watch with chain strap | My Jewellery
    Square watch with chain strap
  4. Square watch with multicoloured chain strap | My Jewellery
    Square watch with multicoloured chain strap
  5. Square watch with denim strap
    Square watch with denim strap
  6. Horloge met losse schakelkettingen | My Jewellery
    Chain bracelet watch
    As low as €49.99
  7. Horloge met schakelband & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Chain-link watch with white watch face
  8. Rond horloge met schakels & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Chain strap watch with white round watch face
  9. Vierkant horloge met multikleur schakelband | My Jewellery
    Multicoloured mesh strap watch with square watch face
  10. Metallic horloge met dubbele band
    Metallic watch with double strap
    As low as €15.00 Regular Price €49.99
  11. Lila horloge met dubbele band
    Lilac watch with double strap
    Lilac watch with double strap Lilac watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
    As low as €15.00 Regular Price €49.99
  12. Moederdag cadeau giftbox voorkant
    Gift box with watch & heart bracelet
  13. Horloge witte vierkante wijzerplaat
    Watch white square dial
    As low as €49.95
  14. Black watch with double strap
    Black watch with double strap
    Black watch with double strap Black watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
    As low as €15.00 Regular Price €49.99
  15. Rond horloge met kleine witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Chain-link watch with small white round watch face
  16. Wit horloge met dubbele band | My Jewellery
    White watch with double strap
    White watch with double strap White watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
    As low as €15.00 Regular Price €49.99

Never be late again, with a My Jewellery watch

Never be late for a wine o'clock date with your friends again with an on-trend watch by My Jewellery! A women’s watch is the perfect finishing touch to any women’s wardrobe and is guaranteed to suit every outfit and style. From chain watches to watches with leather straps, there’s sure to be a women’s watch for you that will perfectly match your jewellery collection here. What we love most about the My Jewellery watches is that they’re always affordable and come beautifully packaged in a nice pouch. Order your favourite watch online or at one of our many boutiques in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany! A wrist watch isn’t just a great way to tell the time, it also looks amazing on your wrist, especially when paired with other jewellery. Whether you go for a silver watch or a gold watch, all styles will look fabulous next to your other jewellery. My Jewellery watches are super high quality, comfortable, and won’t tarnish. Plus, they’re 100% waterproof, so no need to take your watch off when swimming, showering or working out. Enjoy your watch for ages to come! It doesn’t matter which design you go for, our timeless watches will always be on-trend, and there’s definitely one for you!

On-trend women's watches

Stainless steel watches are all the rage in the world of jewellery at the moment. We’re loving pairing our watches with chunky chain bracelets for a cool minimalist look, whilst a wrist watch paired with beaded bracelets is perfect for beachy vibes. The My Jewellery watch range offers a huge selection of pretty women’s watches that are sure to suit your personal style. We love a chunky chain watch, but equally can’t get enough of dainty chain watches or leather bracelets. In fact, have you spotted our animal print wrist watches yet? Totally roar-tastic! A printed or colourful women’s watch strap is another fun option that will totally catch everyone’s eye and add a spark of personality to your look. In any case, My Jewellery is the right place to be for all of your watch needs. Plan on buying one of our stainless steel watches in store? In that case, our boutique girls will happily help you customise your watch strap so it fits perfectly. Prefer to shop your women’s watch online? No worries! In that case we’ve written a super handy blog with all the tips and tricks to fitting your watch to size perfectly. Check out our blog on how to resize a stainless steel watch strap and you’ll be rocking your perfectly fitting watch in no time. Trust us, when we say you need to add a beautiful, classy and sophisticated watch to your jewellery collection. Chunky or dainty, big or small, watches make the perfect addition to every look, and the choice is all yours! Which women’s watch will you go for?

Shop wrist watches online

Shop the coolest & most on-trend women’s watches at My Jewellery. Whether you’re looking for a gold wrist watch, or a silver watch, we’ve got it all! Almost all of the My Jewellery watches are sold in both gold and silver, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a gold metal kinda girl, or more of a silver metal woman, simply spot the watch you want and we’ve got it in your preferred colour! A watch will always give your look a statement edge, which is why it’s such a great accessory to include in your collection. Wearing a fairly simple outfit? Go all out in the watch department and go for full on colour, print or a super chunky wrist watch chain. If however your outfit is pretty loud already, we’d recommend going for a slightly more lowkey women’s watch. Keep things subtle by choosing a metal watch or a black wrist watch, that way you’ll be wearing the watch, but it won’t be wearing you. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from combining your watch with gold or silver jewellery, plus arm parties just so happen to be a major trend at the moment! Style your basic wrist watch with some beaded bracelets or Ibiza style bracelets. Rocking a statement watch? In that case minimalist bracelets are it for you. Vary your watch choice to suit whichever mood you’re in, and create a new watch look with every outfit! Yes!

The perfect gift for her

Women’s watches aren’t just the perfect gift for yourself, they also make a really great gift for her! Give your bestie who’s always late a subtle hint by gifting her a cute new wrist watch, she’ll love it because it’s as much a hint as it is a statement making piece of jewellery that she’ll love. Plus, a My Jewellery watch is sure to suit all her outfits, making it a gift she’s sure to love. If we’re honest, we just firmly believe that a watch is a must-have item for any woman’s jewellery collection. Handy and stylish, a watch is every girl on the go’s perfect jewellery staple. Check your friend’s jewellery style and base the perfect watch for her based on her personal style. You don’t want to get your friend a super statement watch when she obviously prefers smaller jewellery, and vice versa. Play it safe and go for a nice wrist watch with a metal strap, or a women’s watch with a simple black strap, for a super versatile piece that will go with anything. Alternatively, if you know your friend loves to make a statement with her jewellery, a printed watch strap is the way to go. Funky colours and prints are what will truly make her happy. Want to go even bigger? Why not add a matching piece of jewellery or accessory to the gift. Make it the absolute perfect gift by getting it gift wrapped in a nice bag, your gift for her is complete! Not a huge women’s watch fan? Check out the My Jewellery website for our full range of jewellery and there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. Happy shopping!