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  1. Metallic horloge met dubbele band
    Metallic watch with double strap
    Metallic watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  2. Goud horloge met schakelband & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Gold watch with chain strap and white dial
  3. Lilac watch with double strap
    Lilac watch with double strap
    Lilac watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  4. Mother’s Day gift box
    Gift box with watch & heart bracelet
  5. Rond horloge met schakels & zwarte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Black round dial watch with chain strap
  6. Zwart horloge met dubbele band
    Black watch with double strap
    Black watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  7. Zilver horloge met schakelband & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Silver watch with chain strap & white dial
  8. Wit horloge met dubbele band | My Jewellery
    White watch with double strap
    White watch with double strap is available in 4 colors Available in 4 colors
  9. Bicolor horloge met schakelband & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    Bicolour watch with chain strap and white dial
  10. Horloge witte vierkante wijzerplaat
    Watch white square dial
  11. Horloge rond klokje & zwarte wijzers
    Round watch black clock face
  12. Black square watch
    Black square watch
    Black square watch
    As low as €29.95
  13. Horloge zwarte vierkante wijzerplaat
    Watch black square dial
  14. Beige square watch | My Jewellery
    Beige square watch
    Beige square watch
    As low as €29.95
  15. Horloge schakelband zwarte wijzerplaat
    Watch chain strap black dial
  16. Rond horloge met schakels & witte wijzerplaat | My Jewellery
    White round dial watch with chain strap
  17. Horloge schakelband witte wijzerplaat
    Watch chain strap white dial
  18. Horloge rond klokje & witte wijzers
    Round watch white clock face

Always on time with My Jewellery watches

It’s watch o’clock! A watch for women is like a piece of jewellery that you can wear with every outfit and for every occasion. My Jewellery has a beautiful selection of various models. From watches with metal or leather straps to items with prints or a classic gold look suitable for everyday wear. The wonderful thing about My Jewellery watches is that they come in a beautiful pouch and can be purchased for a reasonable price. You can purchase your favourite item online or in one of our boutiques. A watch is not only handy to keep track of time, but, along with your other jewellery, is a stunning addition to your wrist. No matter whether you go for a silver watch, a gold watch, or a fabulous combination. You name it, we have it! The women’s watches from My Jewellery are top-quality, comfortable to wear and don’t discolour. Another bonus point: our items are 100% waterproof! Whatever style you are going for, you will definitely find it here. 

The latest trend: steel watches

Steel watches are trending right now on the jewellery scene. This trend looks stunning styled with Chunky Chain bracelets and minimalistic bracelets. There is an abundance of choice in watches at My Jewellery. From chunky chain straps to delicate chain straps or leather straps. At My Jewellery, you can easily complete your entire jewellery collection. Are you planning on purchasing a steel watch at one of our boutiques? We would be more than happy to help you pick the right size for you. Would you rather order your watch online? That’s fine too, but bear in mind that you will have to adjust the size of the strap yourself. Don’t worry though! We’ve explained how to do it on our blog! Check out the blog post about how to adjust the strap on steel watches and read all about the best way to do it. Not a huge fan of small watches with steel straps? Not to worry! My Jewellery also has black watches, items in various colours and also watches with a print. Large face, small face, round face, square face. The choice is yours! Which watch has become your new favourite?

Purchase a women’s watch for every outfit

You will find the finest and affordable women’s watches at My Jewellery. Whether you’re looking for a gold or a silver watch, either way we’ve got it all. Almost all watch variants at My Jewellery are sold in gold and silver. This way you can be sure you’ll find something special. A watch effortlessly creates a statement look, which is why we love styling them with outfits. Wearing a basic outfit? Style it with a coloured watch or even a watch with print to create a true eye-catcher. Does your outfit feature a print? Perhaps keep it simple and subtle with a metal or black watch. This will give an understated look. Another beautiful option that we are quite fond of is combining silver and gold in one watch. Take a look at our bi-colour chain watch. Switch it up with various colours and prints! By doing so, you can create countless new looks with your watch. 

Gifting a watch

Women’s watches aren’t just fun to get yourself, but they are also lovely to gift someone you care about. Watches are the perfect item for any outfit. We strongly advise you add a watch to your beautiful jewellery collection. They are not only stunning pieces, but they are also extremely useful. Keep track of time without constantly having to look at your phone. You could go for a watch in the style that the recipient would love, bearing in mind their own current style. Or you could expand their horizon and pick out something you think they wouldn’t have the courage to try themselves without a little push. Have fun with it. Check out our animal print watches before you make your final choice! The majority of My Jewellery watches are made from stainless steel. This means that the watches are made from high-quality material and won´t discolour. Do you feel like adding something extra to your gift for her? Take a look at some matching jewellery or accessories. For example, are you getting your friend a beautiful watch in gold? Take a look around for a matching bracelet in the same colour. She will be ecstatic when she sees her gift! Not to worry. You will find so many different items online at My Jewellery. After all, we don’t want anyone feeling left out, do we?