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  1. Orange mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Orange mother & mini bracelet
  2. Necklace set triple heart | My Jewellery
    Necklace set triple heart
    As low as €39.99
  3. Bracelet set triple heart | My Jewellery
    Bracelet set triple heart
    As low as €29.99
  4. Black mother & mini bracelet | My Jewellery
    Black mother & mini bracelet
  5. Mother & daughter bracelet | My Jewellery
    Mother & daughter bracelet
  6. Forever Connected bracelet set | My Jewellery
    Forever Connected bracelet set
  7. Men’s bracelet | Father’s Day gift My Jewellery
    Black father bracelet
    As low as €12.99
  8. Forever Connected ringen set | Ringen | My Jewellery
    Forever Connected ring set
    As low as €19.99
  9. Sisters bracelet | My Jewellery
    Sisters bracelet
  10. Spread the love set zwart
    Spread the love set black
    As low as €9.98 Regular Price €19.95
  11. Forever Connected kettingen set
    Forever Connected necklace set
  12. Moeder dochter armband | My Jewellery
    Daughter bracelet single item
  13. Black forever connected bracelet | My Jewellery
    Black forever connected bracelet
  14. Sisters bracelet single item | My Jewellery
    Sisters bracelet single item
  15. Daughter bracelet | My Jewellery
    Daughter bracelet mini single item
  16. Mother & daughter bracelet mini | My Jewellery
    Mother & daughter bracelet mini

How to wear matching jewellery

Hey, trendsetters! Let's dive into the world of matching jewellery – your golden ticket to style stardom. First off, snag a piece that's like the captain of your fashion ship – your matching jewellery VIP. Now, it's all about matching those metals, letting the colours match with your outfit and letting the occasion set the vibe. Pro tip: play with proportions, layer like a girl-boss, but keep the theme intact. Your matching jewellery should be on the same level as your outfit's overall style. This is your moment to shine, so mix it up, try out combos, and build a stash that screams "you" with matching jewellery leading your style parade! Matching jewellery can be worn everyday, which makes them the perfect staple piece. Fun fact: you can buy our matching jewellery to share with one of your loved ones or wear them on your own, since all good things come in two. Start off by deciding which type of matching jewellery is yours. Will you be going for a matching bracelet, matching necklace or even a matching ring set

Does jewellery have to match?

At My Jewellery we’re totally in love with matching jewellery, but the fun part about being a fashion and jewellery-lover is that you can play around with your clothing and jewellery. Mix and match together all your favourites and have some fun with it! Matching jewellery is very nice when you want to match to someone else or maybe you’re just very into wearing matching jewellery pieces on their own. Alright, let's talk jewellery, and the big question on everyone's mind: does your jewellery have to match? Here's the deal – not really. Sure, matching jewellery can give you that polished look, but who says you can't mix it up a bit? Throw in some metals, play with colours, and let your accessories tell your story. It's all about finding that sweet spot that feels right for you. So, whether you're into the matchy-matchy vibe or rocking a clash of styles, matching jewellery is your playground. Go ahead, let your style shine!

Connected to your loved ones

Let’s step into a matching jewellery time machine together and reminisce about those days you would proudly walk around with your BFF necklaces. Because let’s be real, matching jewellery is one of those trends that will never go out of style. The love for matching jewellery started at a very young age and let’s keep this trend going with some more mature pieces. When you’re looking to match your jewellery to one of your loved ones then our Forever Connected collection definitely is the one for you! These timeless matching jewellery pieces can be worn on your own but are definitely more fun when you’re matching with your sister, mother, bestie, boyfriend or even your mini-me. Because looking at all of the ways to feel connected to your loved ones wearing matching jewellery is definitely on top of the fun list. Are you looking for that perfect gift for her? You might as well take a look at matching jewellery, because you can definitely trust us when we say she will love this gift for years on end. So buy matching jewellery for yourself or surprise someone else and put a smile on their face. 

Matching jewellery by My Jewellery

Investing in matching jewellery is like unlocking the secret to effortlessly chic style. The beauty of matching jewellery lies in the cohesive and put-together look they create, instantly elevating your entire outfit. When your earrings, necklace, and bracelets harmonise seamlessly, it not only enhances your outfit but also reflects a great sense of fashion. Matching jewellery adds a touch of sophistication, drawing attention to the thoughtfulness behind your style choices. It's not just about conformity; it's about expressing your unique taste in a way that captivates and complements. So, whether you're aiming for a polished office look or a dazzling night out, embracing matching jewellery is the key to achieving a fashion-forward and harmonious look.