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  1. Necklace with open initial
    Necklace with open initial
    As low as €29.99
  2. Minimalist zodiac bracelet | My Jewellery
    Minimalist zodiac bracelet
    As low as €22.99
  3. Zodiac minimalist ring | My Jewellery
    Zodiac minimalist ring
    As low as €19.99
  4. Atelier bar necklace
    Atelier bar necklace
    As low as €49.99
  5. Initial charm minimalist | My Jewellery
    Initial charm minimalist
    As low as €5.99
  6. Minimalist necklace with cube initial  | My Jewellery
    Minimalist bracelet with cube initial
  7. Bracelet set triple heart | My Jewellery
    Bracelet set triple heart
    As low as €29.99
  8. Ring initial diamant
    Initial ring with rhinestone
  9. Birthstone necklace | My Jewellery
    Birthstone necklace
    As low as €25.99
  10. Armband chuncky initials | Armbanden | My Jewellery
    Bracelet with chunky initials
  11. Birthflower ring met bloem | My Jewellery
    Birth Flower ring with flower
  12. Beaded stretch bracelet with initial
    Beaded stretch bracelet with initial
  13. Heart initial signet ring | My Jewellery
    Heart initial signet ring
    As low as €19.99
  14. Birthflower ketting
    Birth Flower necklace
    As low as €22.99
  15. Geboortesteen ring | My Jewellery
    Birthstone ring
  16. Atelier long necklace with charms | My Jewellery
    Atelier long necklace with separate charms
  17. Birth Flower bracelet
    Birth Flower bracelet
    As low as €19.99
  18. Ketting met sterrenbeeld bedel | My Jewellery
    Necklace with zodiac charm
    As low as €25.99
  19. Open bangle with initial | My Jewellery
    Open bangle with initial
    As low as €20.99 Regular Price €29.99
  20. Birth Flower charm necklace with rhinestone
    Birth Flower charm necklace with rhinestone
  21. Zodiac Ring | My Jewellery
    Zodiac Ring
  22. Armband The New Initial | My Jewellery
    Bracelet The New Initial
    As low as €17.99
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  23. Atelier ketting met ronde bedel kort | My Jewellery
    Atelier necklace with round charm - short
  24. Zodiac charm | My Jewellery
    Zodiac charm
    As low as €12.99
  25. Ketting chuncky initials | Kettingen | My Jewellery
    Necklace with chunky initials
  26. Ketting jaartal | Geboortedatum ketting My Jewellery
    Birth year necklace
  27. Beige initial bracelet  | My Jewellery
    Beige initial bracelet
    As low as €15.99

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The most unique, personal jewellery by My Jewellery

It goes without saying that My Jewellery has a wide assortment of jewellery, but often you will find that the favourites in your jewellery box are usually personal jewellery pieces. Because you can never go wrong with Jewellery with a personal touch, right? We for one, are massive fans of personal jewellery! Luckily, personal jewellery is available in loads of different styles & price ranges. Regardless of your budget, everyone can enjoy some personal jewellery without having to break the bank. The most popular My Jewellery personal jewellery is the initial jewellery collection. This personal jewellery type is available in many different styles which means you’re sure to find a piece that suits your style so you can leave the (web)shop a happy bunny! The initial jewellery is mostly known for the chunky look but take a look at the initial earrings & initial rings and you’ll see how versatile our initial jewellery can be. Don’t you just love the chunky jewellery trend? We can’t blame you! It’s gorgeous! The initial necklaces & initial bracelets are just spectacular! What we love most about the initial collection is that you can either wear your own initial, your lover’s initial or a loved one’s initial. The choice is all yours! Are zodiac signs your thing? Then you’ll love the Zodiac collection. Pick out your own zodiac sign or a loved one’s zodiac sign and wear it close. Last but not least, we also have beautiful birth month jewellery. These personal items are available a variety of styles: birth flower jewellery, birth year jewellery and birth month jewellery. You name it, we have it! With these personal jewellery items, you can be represented by a flower, year or month. It doesn’t get more personal than that…

Let’s get personal with personal jewellery

Personal jewellery is everything a women wants & needs! Jewellery with a personal touch is just that little something extra for your jewellery party. The wonderful thing about personal jewellery is that you can piece together the story you want to tell, seeing as we all have our own stories. Personal jewellery can be so unique. Mind you, even without a background story we can imagine you find it hard to resist the personal jewellery. Pick out your own birth month flower just because you think it’s pretty or choose your loved one’s initial to cherish them. There’s no wrong option. Each one warms the heart. Treat yourself & get some personal jewellery. You’re worth it and don’t let anyone tell you any different! The personal jewellery is an ode to yourself and your loved ones. It’s up to you how much of a story you want to tell and wear. My Jewellery has a wide selection of personal jewellery which means there is so much for you to choose from. You’ll definitely find right personal jewellery for you.

Styling personal jewellery

Mixing and matching personal jewellery is a piece of cake and we’d love to share our inspiration with you! Firstly, you need to decide to what extent you want your personal jewellery to stand out. Do you want your personal jewellery to steal the show or do you want your personal jewellery be a subtle addition to your ring party? Let your personal jewellery be the main focus point by styling the personal jewellery with some minimalist jewellery. In doing so, your necklace party won’t be too much and your personal jewellery will stand out subtly. Let your personal jewellery shine by opting for chunky jewellery with a personal touch. Statement alert! Don’t you just love it when personal jewellery becomes one with your current arm party? No problem! Mix and match your personal jewellery with other minimalist jewellery and before you know it you’ll have created a super stunning and down-to-earth ear party! While all those combinations are beautiful, we also just adore personal jewellery worn on their own. Say goodbye to stressing about what jewellery to wear and hello to stunning and unique items! Everyone loves a good go-to look!

Perfect gift: personal jewellery

What could be more precious than some personal jewellery from your loved one? Nothing! Personal jewellery is the best gift ever! We guarantee you’ll score some major brownie points if you gift someone personal jewellery. Personal jewellery is available in various styles, which means there’s a huge chance of finding the ultimate match made in heaven. There’s a huge choice of pieces & all in a price range to suit your personal budget. At My Jewellery, you will find a wide range of personal jewellery that represents so many moments in life. You can wear Our personal jewellery collection is made up of timeless pieces that are perfect to wear everyday & everywhere. Our favourite personal jewellery gifts are the birth flower ring, chunky initial necklace, the zodiac signet ring & the year necklace. The personal jewellery is also made from premium stainless steel & 100% waterproof which means that this personal jewellery won’t tarnish and the lucky girl in question will get to enjoy her personal jewellery for years to come! A piece of personal jewellery makes the perfect gift for her & is sure to be appreciated as beautiful gesture that bonds your relationship. Personal jewellery by My Jewellery is a memory forever and ever! For any time of the year, personal jewellery is the ultimate gift. If we were to decide on one single day in the year that’s best to gift personal jewellery, we would have to say Valentine’s Day! The day of love and appreciation! Gift personal jewellery for Valentine’s Day and you’ll win brownie points for sure. Shop now or cry later…