We believe in personal jewellery and the power of connection, and nothing celebrates life’s moments as beautifully as our Birth Month Collection. A perfect balance of delicate details and symbolism come together in these unique pieces that were designed in-house and are made to last forever making them the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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My Jewellery Birth Month collection

Yes, the Birth Month collection is finally here! This collection is a special addition to our other personalised jewellery. The jewellery in the Birth Month collection represents a deeper connection between you and the ones you love. The collection consists of 12 unique and colourful rings with birthstones. Each ring has a birthstone with a specific meaning. Wear your birth month side-by-side with your loved one’s birth month and enhance your happiness! Or perhaps you would love to wear the birthstone that best suits you and your goals. Each stone stands for something else. Let yourself be inspired by the birthstone rings in the My Jewellery collection! The rings are adjustable and so they can fit any finger or size. Another great bonus is that the rings are available in gold or silver.

This collection also includes 12 necklaces each for a specific month of the year. Wear these birth month necklaces combined with other My Jewellery necklaces and create an original combination! Will you be going for a silver or gold chain for your birth month?

Gifting birth month jewellery

The Birth Month collection is the ideal personal jewellery to gift someone. The rings are such a personal gift and each ring tells a different story! Gift the ring with birthstone to your sister, mother, BFF, friend, colleague, or some other lucky bird to remind her of the deeper connection you both share. Pick the ring with their own birth month or select a birthstone that you believe would best suit them. Is your loved one lacking confidence? Pick the month of October. Going through a rough patch? The September birthstone would be a perfect match. Check out the meaning of all the months and pick the birthstone that would best suit!

With regards to birthstones, it goes without saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to get yourself a gift. Pick the ring with the birthstone from the month you were born, or the month that most suits your lifestyle, thoughts, or goals. Do you prefer necklaces? We also have birth month necklaces. Pick out a necklace with your own month to wear or to gift!

Birthstone meanings

Birthstone January - Garnet, red: this stone represents hope, love and stability. A garnet guides you through darkness and is a great stone for people who travel often.

Birthstone February - Amethyst, light purple: amethyst represents peace, serenity and loyalty. If you wear this February stone, it helps strengthen relationships and gives you courage when you need it.

Birthstone March - Aquamarine, aqua blue: this stone represents health and helps heal your heart. It also helps with liver and abdominal issues: a great way to benefit from it is drinking water that has an aquamarine gemstone in it.

Birthstone April - Diamond, silver: diamonds symbolise eternal love and invincibility. People who wear the stone have lots of courage and can overcome challenges. 

Birthstone May - Emerald, green: this stone is often associated with fertility, rebirth and love. This stone is perfect for mothers and mothers-to-be. Nowadays, emeralds stand for wisdom, growth and patience.

Birthstone June - Pearl, white: pearls represent the idea of purity and marriage. Those who wear this gem will see their personal integrity grow.

Birthstone July - Ruby, red: rubies give strength and nobility. This protects the wearer from all the evil in the world. It represents love and passion, whilst also attracting good friendships and luck.

Birthstone August - Peridot, soft green: the peridot stone represents beauty, strength and morality. Peridot is found in the ashes of volcanoes. Some even believe that these stones are the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.

Birthstone September - Sapphire, dark purple: the strength of sapphires is used as a shield against evil that poisons the body and spirit. This stone represents power and gives protection.

Birthstone October - Opal, light blue: this stone gives more confidence to those that wear it, but also gives more trust in others. Opals also protect against evil and your vision.

Birthstone November - Citrine, gold: citrine represents the body and mind. It stimulates good health,  clears your mind and brings life into your soul.

Birthstone December - Topaz, blue: blue topaz can be used to enhance joy in your life and bring luck. It symbolises peace and relaxation, which makes it the perfect stone to prevent headaches and other suffering.