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A My Jewellery keychain

Keychains are usually used to make sure you don't lose your keys or to help you find them find them a little quicker. But at My Jewellery we think keychains are much more than that! Besides the fact that they are very handy, we think keychains should be beautiful too. Most people don't think the appearance of a keychain is important at all, but why be so boring? Go for keychains with a bit of colour, print or personalise your keychain and break the mould! Sure, they are extremely practical but keychains with a trendy print or colour don’t hurt anybody. My Jewellery turns every item into a fashion item, and ladies, a keychain belongs on that list! It’s not just that the keychain is totally on-trend, the keychains are also super practical, you can hang the keychains on a bunch of different accessories, so you’ll never be boring when you head out the door with My Jewellery’s keychains! Why go for just one keychain? That way you can attach different keychains to different keys. You’ll never get your keys mixed up again and you’ll have a beautiful keychain!

Keychains as accessories

Keychains are of course great for brightening up your keys, but you can use keychains for lots of other things too. Keychains are also a cute accessory for your bag! Hang My Jewellery’s beautiful keychains on your favourite bag, because these trendy keychains will give you just that little something extra you were looking for! Why not hang a keychain in the same colour as your bag, so that a neutral colour takes centre stage? This turns the keychain into a classy subtle detail and your bag will still be the centre of attention. Or choose a completely different coloured keychain to give your bag an extra feature. Tip: you can also attach keychains to some wallets! A keychain also works really well as an extra detail for your trousers! Hang your favourite keychain on one of the belt loops on your trousers and create your own trouser accessory. Accessories on your trousers and around your waist are totally on-trend again! Just look at all of My Jewellery’s insanely hot belts and chain belts. They don’t just look cute with trousers, because they look amazing with a dress too. So go ahead and style away!

Giving somebody a keychain as a gift

Keychains are also really fun as a little extra gift for her! The prices for keychains start really low and they come in very handy too. It’s a small gift, but a gift that will actually be used! That’s why a keychain is a very useful gift for her, a gift doesn’t have to be expensive, after all it’s the thought that counts! And then every time they use the keychain, they’ll think of you. It’s a personal gift too! At My Jewellery you can shop keychains in the coolest colours and with an on-trend leopard print. Have you got a little more to spend? Then why not add a matching belt and a small wallet for a totally awesome set? That’ll put a smile on everybody’s face! It’s also great fun to get two identical key rings, so you can give one to your loved one as a gift and keep one for yourself. A great way to seal your bond! Order your items online or plan a fun day of shopping at one of our boutiques. Shop on!

Mix and match keychains for women

My Jewellery wouldn't be My Jewellery if we didn't have matching accessories to go with your keychain. And of course we don't disappoint, so mix and match the keychains with the cutest matching accessories around at the moment! My Jewellery’s keychains go great with a matching wallet & belt. This’ll make you totally matchy matchy, and that’s what we're here for! These items don’t just look super cute together, they’re also super practical. Double the fun! Can’t be bothered with matching items at all? You don’t have to be! Go for accessories in a different colour or print to break up your outfit. A keychain can be a part of your outfit, if you want it to be. And that’s totally unique! We think the keychain is a really cool item. Which keychain is on your wish list? Take a picture with your favourite keychain by My Jewellery and don't forget to tag us on Instagram or go to hashtag #myjewellerygirl. We can't wait to see it!