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Always on-trend with short sleeve dresses

Bestseller alert! Short sleeve dresses are the perfect eye-catcher. Whether you go for classy, feminine, cool or basic, we've got it all. You can style your short sleeve dress in summer with a pair of cute flip-flops or sandals, and in winter with a leather jacket and a pair of cool boots. You’ll see a lot of summer dresses just now because as far as we’re concerned summer can't come quick enough. You can never have enough dresses in your closet because dresses are still a timeless item that you can never do without. Short sleeve dresses aren’t just a one-off thing. Enjoy them for years and keep on styling them with your favourite jewellery & accessories. Want to create a really hot waist? Then wear a cute belt or chain strap on your dress. This will make your look more feminine and elegant. Do you like prints? Then you've come to the right place at My Jewellery!

Your favourite short sleeve dresses

Everyone has a favourite short sleeve dress. Do you know what your favourite is yet? Our favourite is the leather look dress with lace! We all need a black short sleeve dress in our wardrobes. Choose the right design that suits your style and shape. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your dress and it’s something you want the whole world to see you in. Every season you’ll discover a new favourite and that makes the endless mixing & matching so much more fun. Choose a short sleeve dress in your favourite fabric and enjoy it for years to come. We know what we’re talking about. 


Short sleeve dresses for any occasion

Short sleeve dresses are perfect all the time. Simple yet stylish. Dresses are great any time of day. At My Jewellery, we have a great range of clothing & dresses with short sleeves. Our assortment constantly gets updated with the trendiest items. From short sleeve midi dresses to short sleeve maxi dresses. If you think it's still too cold for short sleeves, My Jewellery also has a great range of long sleeve dresses on offer. Here's a nice tip: wear your favourite short sleeve dress with tights and a jacket and you won't get cold anymore! Wear a long dress with short sleeves to a wedding, a night out on the town, or on a summer evening and you’ll get loads of compliments. Most of My Jewellery's short sleeve dresses are knee length, so you can wear them in the summer without tights and show off your tan. Are you in love yet?

How to style

That we should all own a short sleeve dress is pretty obvious by now. But how do you make that dress even cuter? Don’t worry, we've got your back. My Jewellery doesn't only sell the most beautiful dresses, we also sell the cutest jewellery & accessories. Style your short sleeve dress with a beautiful statement necklace to give it a unique and personal effect. Or go for nice minimalistic bracelets and loose necklaces for a softer look. You don't have to make it too heavy, and it still adds a nice touch to your dress. Wear a scrunchie in your hair and match the colour with your favourite dress. Now you’ll be dressed in the same style from top to toe.